Freedom Checks May Confuse, But the Investment Underaneath is Very Straight Forward

Freedom checks remain an intriguing investment wrapped in a bit of mystery. Although by now most have seen Matt Badiali’s freedom checks videos, the investment behind the check remains mostly unknown. All viewers really understand is that the investment can yield quite the payout, unfortunately the videos do nothing to explain how that payout is generated. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

The freedom checks payout is generated through a legitimate investment in what is known as a master limited partnership. Master limited partnerships are natural resource companies that take advantage of a little known tax break. This break comes from a particular statute that creates a very profitable perk such companies use to generate working capital. It also allows them to only be taxed on 10% of their incoming profit. The only catch is these companies have to sell stakes to investors, and then disperse most of those incoming profits to said investors. As an MLP investor all that is needed is to sit back and rake in the incoming profit. This is why Badiali keeps referring to MLPs as a cash grab.


MLP stakes function like stock but bear no controlling interest. They are designed to provide the company issuing them capital, and grant investors a percentage of profit. As this profit must be completely dispersed before taxes are taken, the stakes receive monthly to quarterly payouts known as return of capital payments. Matt Badiali likes to call them freedom checks.

Matt Badiali is a competent investment analyst trusted by many for his accurate market projections. He is a trained geologist with a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D in the field of earth sciences. Before entering the investment world Badiali was employed by natural resource companies. He uses his expertise to personally look into company operations. He examines drilling, mining, and well operations to vet the companies professionalism. He is able to present first-hand information on the companies viability for the future. Badiali writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and keep up to date on current trends. His expertise is not just on oil and natural gas but also precious metals and market fluctuations as well. Watch this video at Youtube.

Paul Mampilly Shocks a lot of Investors with his Priorities in the Common Americans

Resigning from a lucrative employment position would not be an easy decision to make for many individuals, especially if your employer still values you and the work that you do for them. However, Paul Mampilly had to make this tough decision to leave his employment and start a new career where no one would recognize him as the hero of the industry. The legacy that he had built while at the Wall Street was tremendous and it seemed like a risky decision to quit his job. However, despite all the privileges at risk, Mampilly had to abandon the job and pursue his interests in life.

The interest of Paul Mampilly was to ensure that the common American benefited from the vast experience and the savvy skills that he possessed in investment and financial management. He had realized that while working for the big companies in the Wall Street America, the only people who benefited from his investment proficiency were the investors who would pay the companies to manage their wealth. The common people, on the other hand, would not afford to pay for the investment gurus to manage their small fortunes or even get advice from them. This ended up making the rich richer while the low-income earners remained in the same impoverished positions.

After quitting the job from the Wall Street, Paul Mampilly figured out the best way in which he could manage to reach the majority of the American citizens. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing and started his new career there. The new daily work for Mampilly was to gather investment data and information from the market and perform expert analysis of the data. From this, he would then come up with sound investment advice that he would distribute to his clients through newsletters and other forms of publications. Using this method, Paul Mampilly reaches more than 500,000 clients who read his publications, and hence he can reach a lot more people to benefit from his expertise. This way, he is now a happy man to see his dreams of serving the public come true. Besides that, Paul Mampilly is now affording ample time to spend with the family than ever before.

The Founding of Bumble and Tinder Apps by Whitney Wolfe Herd

Online dating has registered a positive reception in the past years with dating apps recording a high number of users. Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken an active role in the creation and marketing of dating apps. She is credited for founding Bumble app as well as taking part in the creation of Tinder where she came up with the name. Whitney Wolfe Herd regards dating apps as being one of the ways that women may be empowered. They foster interaction among different people. In the past, she has worked with Tech Labs and Tinder. In Tinder, she served as the vice president of the marketing activities. However, she left the Company after being discriminated against and sexually harassed by the founders. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

The founders were opposed to the idea of having a young female as part of the executive. Consequently, she sued Tinder and was awarded $ 1 million worth of Tinder stocks. Whitney Wolfe Herd proceeded to from Bumble which is estimated to be over 1 billion dollars. The investor has a 20% stake in the Company and has been instrumental in pushing the product in new markets. In 2017, the Bumble App has over 22 million users which indicate that it has had a positive reception globally. Unlike Tinder, Bumble is seen as being more inclined to the female gender.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Early Life, Education and Career

Whitney was born in Utah and attended the Judge Memorial Catholic School. After her family moved to France, she enrolled in the Southern Methodist University as well as Sorbonne University. While still studying she took part in many marketing activities that saw her work with Tech Labs and other ventures. The platform allowed her to attain technological and leadership that proved essential in the creation of Bumble.

She also acquired extensive professional links that are required in creating a successful venture. She was in charge of marketing activities and recruiting new. Based on her success journey, Whitney Wolfe Herd can be defined as an experienced and skilled investor. Despite her young age, she managed to attain a breakthrough in the technological world. She is regarded as being one of the most promising women investors. Visit:



End Citizens United’s Comprehensive Plan To End Citizens United

Our democracy is directly under attack. It seems that large corporations and the wealthy can simply buy the government these days. And it was all started by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

In 2008, Citizens United was a little known political action committee trying to air a 90-minute fake documentary about Hillary Clinton. They broke FEC rules by trying to air the film to close to election day. They were denied the right to air the propaganda, and, of course, Citizens United filed suit.

Citizens United was told no by the FEC and other federal courts. Then the Supreme Court chose the case completely out of the blue. Five conservative justices then returned one of the most jaw-dropping decisions in the history of the Republic. They somehow spun logical circles fast enough to get dizzy in order to say that corporations are people. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

I don’t know about you, but I have never met a corporate person. However, this incredibly stupid decision is now affecting each and every one of our lives. It allows these corporate persons to express free speech with the use of cash in order to influence elections.

I only take solace in the fact that End Citizens United was assembled just a few years later. The grassroots organization is inspiring with a multilevel plan to take power back from corporations.

The group travels the country to endorse Democratic candidates that want to end Citizens United. They turn their fundraising powers on for the candidate in order to raise money to fight off the corporations that will inevitably attack. End Citizens United only takes money from individuals and never takes donations from corporations. They have quite the fundraising capability and they are currently using it to aid Beto O’Rourke in his Senate race with Ted Cruz.

They’ve also dispatched campaign-finance advocates to watch over critical elections across the country. End Citizens United has filed a lawsuit against Rick Scott in his bid for a Senate seat in the state of Florida. They just caught him coordinating with his super PAC which is against campaign finance law.



Fortress Investment Group as the First Private Equity Firm to be Traded Publicly

Fortress Investment Group has portrayed a trait of being trendsetter since it was established in 1998 as a non-publicly traded firm. In 2007, it raised its investment capital via offering for the first time its stock to the public hence being the first private equity company to trade publicly in the Stock Exchange Market of New York City. Currently, Fortress is an international investment firm that manages assets which are more than $43 billion for investors who exceeds 1,750. It uses risk-adjusted income strategy for the benefit of its investors. Also, its headquarters are situated in New York City with a capacity of more than 900 employees.

Fortress Investment Group establishment became prosperous due to the joint effort of Wes Edens, Randal Nardone as well as Peter Briger. Fortress achieves one of its core expertise of being an asset founded Investment; it is through private equity and Debt funds. Therefore, the firm has unique knowledge in areas like managing, pricing and owning the physical and financial properties. In operations management, it has built up robust tools for taking out value directly from the complex investments that it makes. It succeeds in assessing operational, structural, and facts prevailing on the ground via proper management of its portfolios.

For more than two decades since Fortress Investment Group was established, it has natured experts who can proficiently manage the mergers and acquisitions. Also, it has experts in securing funding through equity and debt markets. Fortress has acquired much experience concerning the Financial Industry due to working and controlling portfolio firms and most of its employees especially the founders came along with skills and knowledge that they learned from their previous workstations such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management.

In 1999, Fortress Investment Group launched Fortress Investment Fund 1, and its first investments were via real estate in the Toronto and New York City markets, and with time it enlarged to credit securities and hedge finances. Between 1999 and 2006, it experienced an exponential growth of 40 percent in its private equity. Well, as Wes Edens and Randal Nardone continue to dedicate themselves for the firm fully, on the other hand, Rob Kauffman decides to pursue his life-long interest after serving Fortress for fifteen years. In 2002, Fortress leadership got a new boost after two key players are employed. One of the players was Peter Briger, who ensured that the firm transitioned from being single to an alternative asset manager.

The Outstanding Career Of Shiraz Boghani In Hospitality

Shiraz Boghani is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur with interests in the hospitality industry. He is the founder and chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group.

As the group chairman, he has a clear vision of the company and thus initiates growth strategies that will expand the business. Splendid is one of UK’s fastest growing hotel groups with a portfolio of 20 hotels with over 2000 rooms. The hotel group has created a name for themselves by operating in a wide range of hotel styles from luxurious ones to simple basic rooms. The hotel partners with big brands like Hilton, Choice, Accor, and IHG.

Splendid Hospitality Group portfolio includes The Grand Hotel and Spa, York and the Conrad London St James which are both 5star rated. Others include a 336 bedroom Holiday Inn, Wembley, 292 bedrooms and Hilton London Bankside. New acquisitions include Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and New Ellington in Leeds. These hotels offer top-notch services at competitive prices making them ideal for most customers. Shiraz Boghani was one of the first entrepreneurs in the hotel industry to introduce limited service hotels to London. His passion for the hotel industry saw him bag the 2016 Asian Business Awards, “Hotelier of the Year.”

Shiraz Boghani rise to fame started way back in 1969 when he emigrated from Kenya to the UK. He began working in his accounting profession where he got to work for an audit company called Thomson McLintock & Co which is now known as KPMG. It is during this period that he got an idea that led him to start a nursing home for the elderly and disabled people, Sussex Health Care. The venture was successful and today has 18 care homes with more than 500-bed spaces. Shiraz Boghani values his community and is involved in improving the welfare of the people where possible. He is a member in the National Council of the Ismaili community and has also served in the board of National Conciliation and Arbitration as chairman. He also volunteers to mobilize resources for charitable organizations like the Aga Khan University where he served as the Resource Development Convener.

Tips On How To Succeed In Life By Dr. Saad Saad

It’s a fact that the more you live, the more life experience you gain. You can have bad experiences, good experiences, and everything in between. Pediatrician and thoracic surgeon Dr. Saad Saad has lived a very full life and has had a lot of rewarding life experiences.


He has a few pieces of advice to give readers, so they can be successful in their lives. It’s all about seizing the moment and not procrastinating. Don’t wait for tomorrow to complete a task, but just do it today. You may reason with it in your head but it does nothing for you in the end. This can manifest in larger ways including putting off your career, going to the doctor, or changing your life for the better. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come. There is no such thing. Doing tasks today instead of tomorrow has worked out very well for Dr. Saad Saad. It keeps him productive. This is how he has accomplished so much in his career as a pediatrician. He has invented and improved two new patents, helped over 1,000 children with much needed surgeries, been on 12 medical missions, worked for Saudi Royalty, and the list goes on.


Dr. Saad Saad has another important piece of advice for readers to succeed in business. It’s about being persistent about your dreams and not stopping at anything until you achieve it. This is the difference between successful people and people who who don’t succeed. Dr. Saad Saad says to not accept anything less of your dreams and success. Keep pushing forward and stay positive. Persistence is key when trying to build a life for yourself. Dr. Saad Saad is a prime example of this. He learned a lot of valuable lessons from his own father about how to succeed in the world. He has taken these lessons to heart and have applied them to his own life and career. His father had to overcome many barriers back in their home country of Palestine. After moving to Kuwait, things got better. He advised his son to get a proper education so others would respect him. Dr. Saad Saad worked hard and graduated with a medical degree from Cairo University. He used this determination, passion, and persistence to achieve his dreams of becoming a successful pediatrician. Saad Saad has even won awards in his almost five decades as a pediatric surgeon. He won a Humanitarian Award in 2010 by PCRF and the Governor of Ramallah from Ministry of Health presented Dr. Saad Saad an award based on his humanitarianism. He has also been acknowledged at a compassionate doctor by his patients from the hospitals he worked in New Jersey where he lives. Learn more :

Matt Badiali Is Teaching Others To Invest Freely

Matt Badiali hasn’t been involved in the investment industry for the entirety of his career since he originally started out studying Geology at the Universty of Pennsylvania. Matt Badiali even followed this course through to his masters and doctorate in Geology before he eventually started traveling around the world to study the natural resources and geology of different regions. During this time, Matt Badiali was traveling with a financial expert buddy of his, which ended up turning him over to the financial industry after saying he had a knack for it. Matt did great on his first investing attempt, which opened the door for many more opportunities and Matt all but left Geology behind. Matt’s deep understanding of the geology of various regions around the globe as well as the natural resource markets from his travels has made him a leading expert in investment industry for commodities.

Matt Badiali is still active in the investment game, taking his time to research as much as possible, but he mostly gets to work through his writing at Banyan Hill. Matt works as a expert senior editor for Banyan Hill writing a weekly newsletter for thousands of investors. On a regular basis, Matt is working to inspect the markets and gather as much information as possible so that he can inform his readers of the opportunities that are available to them. Much like the other financial experts on the platform, Matt Badiali offers his readers his own strategies for investing in the stock markets as well as how they can invest safely to make money every single month. New and old investors alike can benefit from Matt Badiali’s newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, which comes out on a weekly basis on Banyan Hill Publishing.

According to Matt, If investing is a little outside of an individuals range, there is always investing in freedom checks as well, which is a relatively new way for people to invest into the natural resources market to make a monthly paycheck for little investment cost.

Learn More :

Rodrigo Terpins’ Exclusive Love for the Adrenaline Rush

Sports are highly embraced in almost all the states in the world. With different categories and styles, every type of sport has a group of fanatics that support it with enthusiasm. Brazil happens to be amongst the countries with an immense passion for sports. Though it is a rare type of sports, the rally sports is very much endorsed by the South American state. For that reason, it produces numerous and great rally drivers as compared to any other state in the world. For instance, Rodrigo Terpins is one of the biggest icons in the brazilin rally industry.


The incredible rally driver came to limelight for his participation in the Sertoes rally. Besides, he has performed in numerous rallies across the city in which he has performed well. As a young boy, Rodrigo Terpins loved the rally competitions with enthusiasm. This made him grow with the interest of joining the industry as his profession. Not only can that express his love for sports, but also his family that is made of sportsmen. To begin with, Rodrigo’s father was a basketball player in his early years. His brother, Michael Terpins, is, however, a well known rally driver in Brazil.


Prior to joining the car rally, Rodrigo Terpins was much into the bike race. It was until his brother Michael introduced him to the cars when he switched to his side. Since then, Rodrigo, and Michael worked together and participated in the numerous rallies in Brazil. Rodrigo and his co-partner Fabricio were among the participants of the 22nd Sertoes rally. They emerged number three in the category, therefore, being ranked the eighth overall over thirty-eight teams that participated. Check out for more.



Rodrigo Terpins


Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian rally driver with numerous rally titles. The son of Latin American Jewish Council president belongs to a team Bull Sertoes rally team. The team was, however, a joint idea with his brother Michal Terpins and several other rally drivers.


According to Rodrigo Terpins, discussion matters a lot especial in regards to matters of investment returns. He states that the procedures must be as effective and inexpensive as possible to enable great returns. Rodrigo ensures he is well connected and updated with world matters. This way he believes that he can be able to make good decisions concerning his career.



Peter Briger And Fortress Investment Group Make A Solid Duo

The business of alternative investment management has long been one of the most popular sectors of the overarching financial services industry. Only the industry’s brightest minds succeed in alternative investment management applications because they’re required to have a broad understanding of the world of investing – everything from vanilla financial instruments to risky credit derivatives and put options – and be able to utilize advanced mathematical models in order to most appropriately hedge risks against one another.

Peter Briger is a big name in the world of alternative investment management; he’s a principal of Fortress Investment Group, an alternative investment manager that hit its 20-year anniversary this year.

Although Mr. Briger didn’t found Fortress Investment Group, he has contributed significantly to the company’s reputation and performance. Currently, Fortress Investment Group has more than $43 billion in assets under its management from a whopping 1,800 clients; the majority of Fortress Investment Group’s and Peter Briger’s clients are corporate entities, though a couple hundred of them are private investors with deep pocketbooks to invest in semi-risky causes in hopes of generating greater returns than their safer counterparts.

Peter Briger didn’t simply start out atop one of the greatest financial management firms on Wall Street; rather, he worked his way through the likes of Princeton University’s bachelor’s program in finance. Immediately afterward the completion of his bachelor’s degree at Princeton University, he then enrolled in another Ivy League college – the University of Pennsylvania.

As most business professionals who seek graduate degrees, Peter Briger worked towards a master’s in business administration from the legendary Wharton School of Business at the University of Connecticut. That MBA ultimately helped him get hired by Goldman Sachs – the firm is one of the largest financial management and investment monitoring groups in the United States – where he’d end up spending one-and-a-half decades.

The time Peter Briger racked up at Goldman Sachs ultimately helped him contribute significantly to the improvement of Fortress Investment Group. Briger also gives back to Princeton University as part of his philanthropic endeavors – he’s a member of three active committees there.