Skout Friendships

Skout is a mobile-social iOS app, from the company also known as Skout, that allows its users to meet new people, make friends and share pictures. Sign up is relatively easy using Facebook or a valid email address. Basic information is used to create a profile that customizes the user’s experience by displaying only people of possible interest to them.

The mail screen shows who is currently online and users can view another person’s profile by tapping on an image. They can use points to interact in various ways with another user. Some actions do not require points. Some of the actions include wink, start a chat, add to favorites list, send a virtual gift or leave comments and likes on posts.

Points are an in app currency. They can be purchased or earned. Earning points can be done by engaging with advertisers, or by convincing people to view private “backstage photos.” The owner of the photos gets part of the points cost to view them.

Skout is a fairly easy to use, quality app. However, it doesn’t really offer anything that we haven’t seen before on other apps. Some of the common complaints from AppStore reviews are there doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual conversation happening, and that is costs points to do some basic actions. As with any social networking app there are fake profiles, pouting teenage girls, and men with only one word comments.

Skout is a competent social networking app for people to engage with others of similar interests, but may not be the best option. It seems better for people to use a mobile social network that is completely free instead of one that focuses on monetization rather than socialization.

Skout’s progress through the ranks can be followed with AppData. AppData tracks mobile and social apps and their developers.

All of the above information was originally reported on Adweek.

Tasty Foods For Your Hungry Dog

It’s no secret that dogs love to eat. In fact according to, dogs seem to enjoy food so much that, not content with dog food alone, they also tend to like stealing human food from our plates. However, it’s not wise to feed your dog human foods because dogs have different needs than we do. But that doesn’t mean your dog’s food has to be boring or tasteless.
If you want to offer your dog some tasty foods that will satisfy his taste buds as well as his hunger pangs, Beneful offers a great range of nutritious meals that are designed to keep your dog healthy and happy.

For a flavorful meal, start your dog off with one of Beneful’s dry food mixes that contains real meat and vegetables. Their Originals line includes beef, chicken and salmon varieties. All of these formulas are designed to contain all of a dog’s necessary nutrients, yet they also aim to be great-tasting meals for your pet.

Purinastore’s Originals ( chicken variety contains carrots, tomatoes and avocados for a unique blend of delicious and nutritious ingredients. The Originals salmon variety contains sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. The beef variety contains spinach, peas and carrots.

Beneful’s wet food range, such as their Incredibites line, offers recipes with soft, real meat pieces and a variety of vegetables. The Incredibites range includes beef, chicken and salmon varieties, all of which also contain tomatoes, carrots and wild rice for a well rounded meal.

Another choice in tasty wet foods is Beneful’s Chopped Blends. This line features beef, chicken and turkey varieties, all of which also contain vegetables for added nutrition. Some of the veggies included in these varieties are: carrots, peas, spinach and sweet potatoes. The beef blend includes barley, the chicken blend wild rice and the turkey blend brown rice.

These dog food blends from Beneful demonstrate a range of ways in which you can offer your dog a tasty yet nutritious meal every day. Follow Beneful on facebook or  twitter:

About Fabletics and Kate HudsonÕs Latest Line of Swimwear

According to Elite Daily, Kate Hudson launched a new swimwear collection with the fitness brand, Fabletics on April 12, 2016. Hudson claims that summer is her favorite season and that sheÕs very excited about the release of her new line. She has stated that she worked with her design team in order to create stylish swimwear for every body shape and that are stylish but also comfortable to wear. All of the swimwear is made out of recycled material and has its own UV protection. The Coupon Lady says that Fabletics will also be releasing a new line of brand new styles of dresses.

Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics along with JustFab Inc.Õs two CEOÕs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Fabletics launched its business in 2013. It was founded originally as a competitor to well-known athletic brands such as Nike –

Fabletics was designed to fill the activewear fashion gap in higher quality style. Hudson and the two JustFab CEOÕs believe that creating activewear thatÕs stylish will inspire people to not give up working out or to start working out if they don’t already. Fabletics has its own digital membership. Also, like with JustFab, Fabletics members have the option of Òskipping the monthÓ if they donÕt plan to make any purchases within the next month. Shopping with Fabletics starts with a customized pop quiz in order for the employees to get an idea of what sort of style the customer is looking for as an individual.

Because Hudson is one of the founders, Fabletics has been mentioned in several areas of the press. These include tabloids such as OK!, to womenÕs magazines such as Redbook to workout media such as Shape. HudsonÕs second major motivation to founding Fabletics was to be an inspiration to other women to stay active. She shares her own favorite picks every month so those who are looking to imitate the looks of celebrities can get an idea of what HudsonÕs favorite styles are.

Andy Wirth’s Experience at Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth, an employee of mountain resort hotel is the president and the CEO of Squaw Valley ski holdings on He was born in July 1963 and aged 52. Commonly known as Andy, he started his career with Steamboat Springs resort in 1986. He served in various marketing and leadership positions. He has since received numerous awards including the chairperson’s outstanding award. Also, Andy Wirth on received the Steamboat Spring Business leader of the year. Squaw Valley Skydiving, found in California provides a perfect opportunity for skydivers to experience ultimate adventure and to free fall from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level.

Andy Wirth came to Squaw Valley in August 2010; he met and made friends with J.T Holmes. Holmes is an experienced base jumper, wing suiter. Also, he does big mountain skiing. Andrew and Holmes skied together. However, Andy’s primary interest was in skydiving. He, therefore, shared his interests with his friend who then hooked him up with Red Bull athlete on Facebook Sean McCormick. Sean helped him train on jumping in Perris California.

After getting adequate lessons on jumping, Andy Wirth routinely jumped as his schedule could allow. Also, they could grab each other and jump off the plane facing each other. On 12th of October 2013, Andy, Holmes and friends went to Davis California to jump. On Sunday 13th on, however, Davis Drop Zone was shut down due to winds. Consequently, they drove to Lodi drop zone.

Andy and the friends continued jumping despite being windy. However, some things did not go right. The pilot took a wrong flight line taking them far from the drop zone. Unknown to them the winds had changed. Also, Andy Wirth on crunchbase pulled his canopy too low. Consequently, he did not have a good landing; his right arm caught a pole and stripped of all the tissue. Later, he was admitted to hospital where he spent 50-day undergoing treatment.

Recap of FreedomPop article

Everybody agrees that in order to have communication service whether it is radio, television (cable),or cell phones, you must have advertising. There are now mobile companies that try to offer their clients cell phone services minus the advertising. How it works is they charge their clients a monthly subscription fee for ad free services. What the mobile provider does is find a new revenue stream for the advertisers. Spotify allow their users to listen to music for free if they are willing to listen to an ad every few songs.

In the United Kingdom a mobile company called Three is working with another firm called Shine Technologies to handle mobile advertising on the network level. Three stated that they do not want to get rid of mobile advertising, but to give the clients more choices of the ads they receive. Another mobile company also in the United Kingdom, called Blyk came up with an ingenious way to control ads by proposing to their customers free cell phone calls and text if they a watched certain a number of specific ads during the day.

Here in the United States companies are also teaming up with network providers to streamline the amount of advertising a client’s see. One such company is Aquto which works with AT&T to stem the flow of advertising. AT&T clients can use the Data Perk apps to accumulate data of up to 1000MB per billing period to their AT&T account. One of the mobile providers that offer advertising as a new revenue stream is FreedomPop. What they do is offer a limited data, text, and voice allowance. Their clients are given the opportunity to update to a better plan in exchange for performing specific actions with the company’s advertisers. These actions could include completing a questionnaires,purchasing products or buying services. FreedomPop also offers unlimited access to its WI-fi network for five dollars a month.

Check out this review of FreedomPop



Escaping North Korea – the Shortened Version of the Long Journey of Yeonmi Park

At the age of thirteen, Yeonmi Park and her mother decided to escape North Korea into China via the black market. During an interview on NY Times, Yeonmi Park recounts this story. She says “freedom” was never something she thought of, and actually was a term she had never heard of. For her, escaping was simply because she wanted to have a bowl of rice. This led her and her mother to fall into the hands of a human trafficker, and each were sold once they crossed into China.

They had no other option, Park said, their choice was be sold or go back and face the consequences in North Korea. At thirteen, Yeonmi accepted an offer to be a mistress in order to have her mother and father brought to her. Unfortunately, her father passed away in China due to untreated cancer. After two years of hiding in China, the man that bought Yeonmi, set her and her mother free. From there, they met up with Christian Missionaries and were set on the path to Mongolia, in hopes that it would lead them to South Korea, and ultimately freedom. Crossing the Gobi Dessert was no walk in the park, and she reflects on how it was “as if the universe had abandoned them”. Yeonmi and her mother were again arrested at the Mongolian border and threatened to be sent back to North Korea.

Through begging and months in an encampment, eventually threats of suicide caused the Mongolians to fly the two to South Korea. Living in South Korea was like a “movie” because the things Yeonmi saw in the advertisements in North Korea were true – not just a NK News propaganda as was the rest of the media. Towards the end, Park was asked if she was ready to face the challenges from the North Korean government discrediting her story and claims. She says, “I don’t know how much they can be credited. I know the truth of North Korea, the oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.” To hear the rest of this story, check out the full interview at


Finding The Right Merger And Acquisition Deal Is Madison Street Capital’s Specialty

In the world of boutique investments, finding the perfect deal can be an arduous and time consuming task. Just ask Charles Botchway, the founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is a Chicago based investment firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions. Charles Botchway is the former Vice Chairman of Houlihan Smith & Company. Mr. Botchway has an impressive resume especially in the emerging market merger and acquisition field. Botchway has put deals together in Asia, Africa, South America as well as North America. Madison Street Capital is considered one of the top investment companies that handles bankruptcies, financial strategies, mergers and acquisitions as well as other advisory services.

Botchway made a believer out of the investment firm Farragut Capital Partners recently even though Madison Street Capital and Farragut didn’t know each other. Farragut Capital Partners specializes in lower-middle market mergers that fall into the $2-8 million range. Farragut closes more than five deals a year, and none of those transactions involved Madison Street Capital. Farragut likes to tell its clients that it prefers quality over quantity, but their previous deal sourcing platform wasn’t giving them the high-quality deals they needed to maintain that reputation.

Phil McNeill, Farragut’s Managing Partner, told an online news agency that his company likes to focus on companies that know how to be frugal when it comes to asset management. Farragut likes companies that are able to maintain a positive cash flow. Most of those companies are represented by boutique investment bankers like Madison Street Capital, and most of those companies are unreachable for one reason or another. But McNeill said Madison Street was a different kind of boutique investment banker.

Charles Botchway had an investment opportunity for Farragut Capital, but getting the firms together took a little doing according to McNeill. Madison Capital had a lower-middle market client that fit all of Farragut Capital’s requirements in terms of asset management and cash flow, and thanks to an online connection that both firms knew about the two investment firms finally got together.

The Farragut Capital is just one of the deals that Madison Capital is involved in on a regular basis. The merger and acquisition industry is getting more complicated because of the recent tax regulations that have thrown several large mergers into limbo. The Pfizer Inc. merger with Allergan is one of those deals. And so is the Halliburton and Baker Hughes merger. Large mergers in the United States and the UK have been put on hold for one reason or another, but Botchway said that Madison Street Capital has not been hurt by new regulations.

Madison Street Capital under the leadership of Charles Botchway is still finding companies that are stronger when they are acquired or merge with other companies.


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Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten In The Corporate World

The banking industry has many types of banks that provide financial related services. The banks range from very small local city banks to very large international banks. While the most common type of bank that people think about is the local city bank, one of the most well known banking types is investment banking.


The day-to-day banking operations concerning investment banking are much different than most other banking types. Investment banking also known as corporate banking involves a wider range of banking services than the typical local bank. Investment banks tend to focus on corporate clients. There are several reasons why investment banks focus on corporate clients. However, one of the main reasons is because the structure and financial operations of investment banks generally work well with the needs and desires of corporations.


Many corporations both large and small need the assistance of banks to carry out daily business activities. The need for a constant cash flow is important for many corporations, and investment banks are able to assist corporations with this particular need. Investment banks can usually provide large sums of money to corporations for a wide variety of reasons such as business transactions, property purchases, corporate loans, and numerous other reasons.


In addition, investment banks are generally flexible in nature. The rigid structure that some banks have related to banking operations does not go well with the nature of the corporate world. In the corporate world, many things change on a constant basis. Therefore, the time needed for decisions and actions from banks cannot be significant in length. Investment banks tend to provide services quickly and work to accommodate the various financial conditions that corporations may have related to banking needs.


A position that plays a major role in the successful operations of any investment bank is the investment banker. This position is key because investment banks depend on clients and one of the primary responsibilities for investment bankers is to bring in and maintain a list of quality clients.


In the investment banking world, one of the most well known investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. As an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has shown a unique ability to attract and bring in good corporate clients.


He is the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm.

Martin Lustgarten offers a wide range of financial services for corporations through his investment bank. In addition, he offers services for both large and small corporations. Follow Lustgarten on Twitter to keep up with his news and happenings.

Magic In A Bottle? That’s What They Say About WEN by Chaz

A recent article on talked about a girl who used the WEN cleansing conditioner on her fine hair and what her results were. This young lady saw all of the commercials and had to see if the hair care products lived up to the hype. Because her hair was fine she wondered if the product would work for her. According to the company these hair products work for every type of hair. Wen Cleaning Conditioners are really an all in one product. The Sephora Fig version delivers moisture and the bounce and shine every girl dreams of. So, how would this product work and would it be the magic in a bottle for this young lady? I already know the results, but, hang around and let’s review what really happened.

During the first day this girl admits she had a busy day and wanted a shower. So, she grabs the Wen product and places it on her unruly, dirty hair. She uses the minimum dose. She reports that her hair feels thicker even during the first use. She wakes up the next morning and finds her hair is already starting to get dirty around the roots. This was not normal for her. Perhaps it has something to do with WEN by Chaz Dean or the way it is reacting. She goes about her day and returns home to shower. She uses the hair care product and her hair seems to have the same effects as on day one. She is still worried because of how the product reacted. Having said that, she continues it’s use on day three. On day three she admits that she is impressed and she is starting to like this product because she is seeing great results.

She continues to use it for a full seven days. She feels that this product is great and does live up to the claims for people who wash their hair and use the product everyday. To find out if your results will be the same, it is best to try the WEN Cleansing Conditioner for yourself and see how you like it.


Slyce Inc. 2015 Performance and Achievements

Slyce Inc is a visual search platform. It provides technology services to companies and individuals through apps, software and programmes. While announcing its financial results of the year and quarter ended October 31st 2015, it also made public partnerships and contracts that it had entered into for that period of time. Slyce entered into a contract with where it introduced a mobile image recognition program called that will enable customers of SHOES.COM snap pictures of shoes and then purchase them.

Neiman Marcus extended its use of Slyce Technology to all of its product lines through the ‘Snap. Find. Shop’ app. On 6th October 2015. Urban Outfitters and Slyce entered into a contract in which Slyce was to power Urban Outfitter’s visual search for mobile commerce. Shoe Carnival wanted to integrate image recognition technology into its business. Thus, it entered into a contract with Slyce on the 22nd of October for integration of Slyce Technology.

Slyce opened its doors in search of a lead investor. This was done through terminating its short-form prospectus offering. They found a lead investor who subscribed a total of $ 1.6million in 6% interest and later subscribed an additional $1.9 million.

New innovations have been launched by Slyce. It introduced new use cases for visual research. Firstly, it designed a system that would minimize the integration procedure that is required of new clients. The Universal Scanner was introduced for the sole purpose of allowing an automated recognition of an object. This was on October 5th 2015. The Slyce Link was launched on November 25th 2015. Slyce Link was created to stir and ultimately increase shopping conversions on any e-commerce websites.

An Enhanced 3D Object Recognition was launched that was to hugely help in the detection of products in different retailer catalogues. For this to work and products to be well recognized, Slyce built a User Generated Content system. It also launched Coupon Author that will assist retailers create coupons that will enable them target customers with special offers. It created a fashion shopping app ‘Craves’ majorly for consumers.