Slyce Inc. 2015 Performance and Achievements

Slyce Inc is a visual search platform. It provides technology services to companies and individuals through apps, software and programmes. While announcing its financial results of the year and quarter ended October 31st 2015, it also made public partnerships and contracts that it had entered into for that period of time. Slyce entered into a contract with SHOES.com where it introduced a mobile image recognition program called SHOme.ca that will enable customers of SHOES.COM snap pictures of shoes and then purchase them.

Neiman Marcus extended its use of Slyce Technology to all of its product lines through the ‘Snap. Find. Shop’ app. On 6th October 2015. Urban Outfitters and Slyce entered into a contract in which Slyce was to power Urban Outfitter’s visual search for mobile commerce. Shoe Carnival wanted to integrate image recognition technology into its business. Thus, it entered into a contract with Slyce on the 22nd of October for integration of Slyce Technology.

Slyce opened its doors in search of a lead investor. This was done through terminating its short-form prospectus offering. They found a lead investor who subscribed a total of $ 1.6million in 6% interest and later subscribed an additional $1.9 million.

New innovations have been launched by Slyce. It introduced new use cases for visual research. Firstly, it designed a system that would minimize the integration procedure that is required of new clients. The Universal Scanner was introduced for the sole purpose of allowing an automated recognition of an object. This was on October 5th 2015. The Slyce Link was launched on November 25th 2015. Slyce Link was created to stir and ultimately increase shopping conversions on any e-commerce websites.

An Enhanced 3D Object Recognition was launched that was to hugely help in the detection of products in different retailer catalogues. For this to work and products to be well recognized, Slyce built a User Generated Content system.


Helane Morrison Inspires So Many Others

Helane Morrison is a strong New Yorker that found her way on the west coast. She has become the golden girl in the corporate investigations arena, and this is no accident. She is bringing years of experience into Hall Capital, and I am certain that Kathryn Hall is thrilled with the experience that she brings. Helane Morrison is a confident leader that knows how to investigate companies and get organizations in order. She has experiences with several different companies, and this gives her a great amount of confidence.

Currently, Morrison works for a company that has clients that are very wealthy. Hall Capital has a lot of big-name clients, and Catherine Hall wants to make sure that her company is always abiding by the rules that are required for an investment firm. That is why Morrison fits in. She makes sure that this company is following the rules and regulations.

She has a career that spans over more than a decade in which she has taken on the role of a compliance officer. She has a lot of experience in this area, and that may be the main reason why she was hired for the current position that she holds.

It is great for someone like this to have a career that does not have a lot of females in this role. Helane Morrison is able to motivate so many other females that may have never considered this career before. She is a very talented executive that has degrees in law and journalism. This combination makes her one of the most sought after executives in the industry.

She was the first woman to be promoted to the head of the SEC and during her time there she made a notable difference as the WS Journal discusses in an article about her.

So many people that are looking at the corporate industry will see that there is still a great discrepancy between females and males. What Morrison represents is a woman that has managed to reach beyond the glass ceiling and blaze a trail for other females. She is a very strong-willed woman that has known from the very beginning that she wanted an executive role in the business world. This is what has inspired her to earn a degree in law. This is what has inspired her compliance director career.

Learn more about Helane by visiting her LinkedIn or get news about her on Crunchbase here >> https://www.crunchbase.com/person/helane-morrison#/entity


Marco Rubio gets DeVos Family Backing

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s push to be the Republican flag bearer in the 2016 US Presidential election got a massive boost recently. This is after West Michigan business honcho Dick DeVos indicated that he and his larger family are backing the candidate. In a one on one chat with a correspondent from The Detroit News, DeVos indicated that though the family initially supported Jeb Bush for the presidency, his withdrawal from the race made them shift their allegiance to Rubio.

The announcement was made ahead of the Michigan primaries, with Dick hoping that it would help the family galvanize enough support for the Senator before then. The DeVoses have also promised to donate significantly to the Senator’s push for the presidency. They will directly contribute to the campaign kitty or the campaign’s steering committee. The family will also use its extensive connections to rally other families and the general public to turn out in large numbers and support Rubio. 

Dick and Rubio have come a long way. They became acquainted in between 2006 and 2008 when the latter was the Speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives. Rubio in partnership with the governor at that time Jeb Bush helped pass a statute that allowed parents to have a wider variety of schools for their children. The DeVoses were dedicated to that noble cause, which increased access to education for kids in Florida. Dick hopes Rubio will build on his impeccable past to bring reform to the American society. 

Dick DeVos in Brief

He is an American of Dutch ancestry and was born on 21st October 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, thus his strong ties to the Netherland Institute. His parents are Richard DeVos and Helen DeVos. He is an alumnus of Northwood University, from where he has received a distinguished alumni award. From a young age, he was involved in the family business Amway, started by his father. This laid the background of his corporate career. At 19 years, he officially joined the family business where he held various management positions. By 30, he had risen to be one of Amway’s Vice Presidents and was responsible for the firm’s setups in 18 nations.

Besides business, he supports the Republican Party and heavily vouches for its candidates. He is also engaged in philanthropy with his wife Betsy through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, of which he is the president. Its supports different noble causes around the globe.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Learn more about Dick’s career by visiting his LinkedIn profile.


FreedomPop to Enter 25 New Markets Soon

FreedomPop is positioning itself to make a number of huge gains in the European market. Likely, after expanding its presence it Europe, FreedomPop is sure to start venturing into other areas of the world as well. More power to the company. The incredibly affordable deals for phone, text, and data make FreedomPop a startup worth keeping an eye on.

FreedomPop started in the United States, and the company later ventured into the United Kingdom. Currently, FreedomPop is working on closing deals with 25 carriers in 25 countries in order to offer service. (FreedomPop has to work with other carriers to deliver their service. In the U.S., the company is available through Sprint) As it looks right now, FreedomPop should finalize the deal and have service running by late March/early April of 2016.

The popularity of FreedomPop in the U.S. and the U.K. indicates the service will be a hit in all markets it enters. FreedomPop projects it will have a hold on 40% of the European market in due time.

Recently, FreedomPop raised $50 million in new investment funding. This brings the overall total of funds raised to $190 million. The new round of funding is, in part, intended to help establish a massive Wi-Fi hotspot through 25 countries. This would outright eliminate huge roaming charges.

FreedomPop changed the face of budget mobile service when it debuted totally free talk, text, and data. Customers only pay more when requesting expanded services. The success of the concept has led to exceptional growth.

Fierce Wireless has the entire story of the new inroads FreedomPop is making.

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