When George Soros is Targeted and Infiltrated

Scandal and a little craziness goes down in the Open Society Foundations’ offices. And for reasons few can say. The OSF is an international organization founded by George Soros. But this isn’t why we’re now discussing it. The firm appeared in recent news due to a prankster’s attempt to infiltrate it.

The man who intended the breech is reported as the infamous James O’Keefe. James, the conservative activist of course. O’Keefe is notorious for undercover stints that at times go wrong. Wrong like what occurred in this failed operation he’s found guilty of.

Here’s what happened exactly. You may get a good laugh the way most did.

Disguised by the name, Victor Kesh, James O’Keefe reaches the Open Society Foundations’ office phone line. Success seems imminent at this point. He is then sent to voicemail on http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2016/03/10/billionaire-smackdown-george-soros-funds-effort-to-stop-trump-mobilize-latinos/. Once that happened, this conservative activist was overheard speaking to another person. He was telling them not to talk until he had hung up.

And then, for some odd and strange reason, James begins to dissect his plan. He apparently thought he hung up but didn’t. Oops. He explains the details with whomever he speaks too. From the ongoing conversation, it’s obvious that O’Keefe is hoping to infiltrate Open Society’s offices in order to get directly to George Soros.

His disguised persona was Hungarian. Or so he claimed. The choice of nationality is striking as George Soros himself was a refugee from Hungry. During the Nazi occupation of Hungry in World War II, George Soros was forced into London at the age of 13. He then began gruesome labor in the train yards.

When that got to be down and out, George Soros began as a server in a restaurant. The education he then received from the London School of Economics paved his future and a clear path. That path led to who we see today in the shoes of a man whose name is known by finance and investing.

Today, a conservative activist attempted to find common ground with Soros by suggesting himself as Hungarian also. But the failure is evident and clear. In a simple recording from a voicemail module, we know the full story. We glimpse at the stupidity. Why James O’Keefe targeted THIS Soros organization is beyond anyone’s comprehension.

The failed task leaves the prankster as much of a clown as his actions were. It made for good TV fodder, however, as people ate the story up.
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The Open Society Foundations gives grants worldwide for various causes that it supports. These would include: education, public health, independent media and overall justice. While James O’Keefe has produced film appearing on NPR, he has also found himself at the end of U.S. Law. In a very bad way.

He pleaded guilty to infiltrating a government owned facility and under false pretenses. His consequences has led him to be charged, with confinement to one state and community services in many occasions.

And this may be the end of his efforts with George Soros as we know it. 

Brian Bonar Receives Great Recognition

Maneuvering his way from company to company, and always ascending, Brian Bonar knows what any company is looking for and provides it. Brian Bonar has over 35 years of experience in several fields. He spent most of his early life with IBM. Traveling the world for the company, he spent time in Europe, Asia, and the USA under the company’s banner.

According to an article by PR Newswire, In 2003, Bonar was CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Solvis Group, which provides staffing to medical facilities and call centers. His relationship with the company, as their CEO ended in 2006. Juggling several positions at once, and always working hard, he made sure he always elevated with each new position he held.

As CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a position he held from 2004 to 2009, a business which provides health insurance and other insurance policies to consumers, Bonar was the overseer of all operations within the company. This is when he was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who as their Executive of the Year in Finance.

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Since his recognition in Cambridge Who’s Who, Brian Bonar has continued to do what he knows best. Grow. After leaving Dalrada in 2009, he found himself at Trucept, Inc. He spent time in several positions during his time with Trucept, often overlapping. He was Secretary, Treasurer, CEO, CFO, President and Chairman of the Board.

His wide variety of expertise and job holdings can be trace back to his upbringing. Spending the majority of his younger years in schools such as Stafford University where he earned a MBA and PHD in International Business. In Stracthcylde University where he earned a BSC in Mechanical Engineering. It is no wonder why he has been sought after by such a wide variety of companies. Read more: The New Frontier


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Venezuelan court shoots down latest attack on Maduro

The right wing opposition party has been trying a lot of things to get Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro out of office. One thing they tried was passing a bill to limit the term of president from six to four years. They managed to get that passed, but last week the nation’s supreme court ruled that any such move could not be retroactive, and could not apply to anyone currently in office, according to a Reuters story.
The South American nation is having a major economic crisis, news about this was posted all over facebook, brought on at least in part by falling oil prices. The opposition party won control of Congress as a result, and they have sought to get Maduro out of office since that time.

Danilo Diaz however, thinks that the National Election Council is not cooperating, as it and other governmental powers support the president. The courts have also tended to side with Maduro, as they did in this latest skirmish.

While the opposition party says Maduro is controlling the institutions – such as the courts – that promote him, Maduro counters that the opposition party is trying to pull of a legislative coup to oust him from office.

Maduro was the chosen successor of Hugo Chavez, and Maduro won a close election in 2013.