A Introduction To The Works of Hussein Sajwani

Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani is a man about whom numerous stories have been written, all of them seemingly thematic – he’s dined and golfed with Donald Trump, helped save thousands of starving children, developed luxury property all across the Middle East and participated as a food service provider to the Americans during Operation Desert Storm. But who is he really?

For those who may not be familiar, Hussein Sajwani is perhaps best known, both in the East and West, as a prime time real estate developer and the Chairman of DAMAC. DAMAC is an acronym standing for Dariah Management Services Company which is a real estate development group operating out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, focusing primarily on luxury and custom designed housing.

One of the primary reasons that Mr. Sajwani achieved so much success so quickly was that he catered (during the founding of the Dariah Management Service Company) to a whole new market of home and residential buyers that opened up after a governmental decision which allowed foreigners to own and control property in Dubai. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.damac.com/terms-of-use/

Almost providentially, the majority of the apartments purchased from DAMAC in those early days (DAMAC was founded in 2002) were bought by foreign residents. This massive, swelling market niche allowed Sajwani to expand quickly and firmly and, in large part, contribute to the outside perception of Dubai as a glittering place of wondrous homes, gleaming towers and palatial estates.

However, what Sajwani is perhaps best known for, in the West at least, is his relationship with the real estate mogul Donald J. Trump. In 2013 (before Mr. Trump ascended to the office of the President of the Untied States of America) Mr. Sajwani and his DAMAC team drew up plans with Mr. Trump and his affiliates for two grand golf courses which were to be built under the Trump Brand.

It is only recently, in early 2017 that the first of these massive courses was completed, called the Trump International Golf Course – the second course (which was designed by none other than pro golfer, Tiger Woods) is set to be unveiled sometime in 2018. After he was elected president Trump said of Sajwani, “[he’s] a very, very, very amazing man.”

Anthony Petrello Leads The Fight Against Childhood Neurological Disorders

Anthony Petrello is the current President and CEO of Nabor Industries, the world’s largest land drilling, oil and natural gas company. They are leading providers in the international and American markets, and provide services such as on and offshore drilling, directional drilling services, and performance tools.

After leaving his position as Managing Partner for Baker & McKenzie’s New York City Office in 1991, Mr. Petrello has served as Chief Operating Officer of Nabor Industries, Ltd. He has been the company’s President since 1992, and it’s CEO since 2011. He is also the Director of The Texas Childrens Hospital, Inc.

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Tony Petrello is not only the President and CEO of Nabor Industries but a great leader in the fight to treat childhood neurological disorders. Having donated over $7 million to The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute and Texas Children’s Hospital and committing to being the head of all fundraising efforts, Mr. Petrello and his wife Cynthia Petrello have played a significant role in funding this life-changing research. Tony’s daughter, Carena, was born prematurely at only 24 weeks and is diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a common neurological disorder in premature infants. Tony Petrello and his wife know firsthand of the difficulties and frustrations that come with raising a special needs child. The couple has vowed to keep the fight going, hoping to have a positive impact on the children of the future who will be affected by these disorders.

Find more about Tony Petrello at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

A Human Relentless Rights Activist in Thor Halvorssen

Born in 1976, Thor Halvorssen is a renowned filmmaker and a human rights activist. Being selfless and having a heart to champion for human rights, he got referred by the New York Times as ‘a champion of the underdog and the powerless.’ He has a Norwegian and Venezuelan background. The human rights activism in him sparked in 1989 when he was still an adolescent. Then, he organized opposition to the South Africa’s apartheid.

Thor Halvorssen’s father once became a political prisoner in Venezuela, and this is when Thor decided to involve himself in the full-time promotion of due process and human rights. In 2014, his mother got shot in Venezuelan referendum recall peaceful protest. This impacted Mr. Thor as to start his foundation dubbed The Human Rights Foundation (HRF). This organization is dedicated to liberating political prisoners. It also promotes tolerance and democracy in the broader Latin America.

Some of the achievements of HRF so far are that it managed to secure the release of seven prisoners of conscience. It has also provided the Truth of Evidence Commissions, and also it has submitted amicus briefs in several international human rights cases. The organization has so far published two books touching on individual rights and the responsibilities of a state.

Other than HRF, Thor is the Oslo Freedom Forum’s founder and CEO. This is an annual global human rights activists gathering. It is described as ‘Spectacular human-rights festival’ by the Economist. The Economist likens it to the Davos economic forum version of human rights. Thor is also the patron of On Own Feet, which is a Prague-based Children’s Peace Movement.

As a film producer, he has produced and co-produced several films such as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Freedom’s Fury, and many others.

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Lung Institute Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Lung Diseases

The main purpose of Lung Institute is to reduce the suffering of those living with the chronic lung disease. The quality of life both mentally and physically can be reduced significantly for those patients who have been diagnosed with a respiratory illness, illness such as interstitial lung disease, or pulmonary fibrosis. Lung Institute came in to offer a solution on treatment for chronic lung diseases this is because in the past the traditional treatment options were addressing the symptoms rather than tackling the disease itself. Therefore the Lung Institute came up with a solution; it developed a Stem Cell Therapy.

The aim for the Lung Institute in developing the stem Cell Therapy is to offer patient with chronic lung diseases treatments that will address more than just symptoms. The lung institute’s purpose is shown in everything that they do. Apart from developing Stem Cell Therapy they also write informative and empowering and informative articles. The institution mission is to improve the lives of those suffering chronic diseases by conducting stem cell research.

At the Lung Institute Cedars-Sinai health center, the physician’s screens each patient meticulously; they check the medical history and current medical condition to ensure that they get the best result possible. This is done before Stem Cell Therapy.

The stem cell Therapy works by means of autologous stem cell that if sprung from the patient’s own body, the stem cell therapy heals the body by harnessing the body’s natural healing capabilities. The capability for this treatment to reduce the symptoms of the chronic lung disease (https://lunginstitute.com/lung-diseases/copd/) and to tackle the progress is remarkable; this is done little aggressive technique with demonstrated effectiveness.

There is one specific reason that makes stem cell to be preferred by the Lung Institute, the reason is based on a study done by the National Institute of Health. According to that study, when stem cells or medication are introduced to the body via IV the cells are pushed straight to the lungs within a heartbeat or two, the items are distributed throughout the body, however, the case of stem cell is different. The stem cells go through the same mechanism but they are trapped when arrives in the lungs. This makes Stem cell therapy best alternative for the chronic lung diseases. For more info, visit lunginstitute.com.

Villanueva Is Giving Power Back To Your Local Dentist

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental, aims to combine both the corporate level of the dentistry industry with the small practitioners. He has experienced the dentistry industry from multiple angles, so he has a more understanding point of view when it comes to both high level management and small family practices.


MB2 Dental came to be when Chris had realized that many small practices were not living up to their potential. His company brings resources to the smaller guys when they would not have had them available otherwise.


When Chris had graduated from school, he noticed that new dentists only had the option of joining large practices or starting a business from scratch. He had the idea of giving a big business touch to clueless small businesses. Small businesses are now entering the marketplace with the best equipment, staff training and procedure methods.


The company has a very tight knit group of over 500 employees. Within their network, they are involved with 70 different organizations in the United States. The company is lighting a fire under the dentistry industry, bringing more than just marginal increases to profits.


The ‘We are Dentistry’ series on Youtube has become a big hit. These videos highlight the success of small business pratictioners had with the assistance of MB2. The video comes in at a personal level, showing how each individual has changed their business and personal life.


MB2 Dental offers direct Dental Practice Affilliation for small businesses. MB2 will handle the complicated little hassles like payroll, taxes, hiring and legal compliance. They will also help them with setting up practices from scratch to match the national level of standards.


Dr. Villanueva is not just a pencil pusher, he has many years as an associate dentist under his belt. He also has years of experience in training and mentoring other dentists. He has a very diverse educational backgroud with his primary scholing from Venezuela, his bachelor’s degree from Florida and finishing up at Nova Souteastern University.


Villanueva is constantly trying to improve himself and his business practices. He surrounds himself with intelligent, determined people in order to absorb good ideas and positive energy. Collaborating with great minds and big business partners allows for greater opportunities for his business and thus his clients. He is always open minded to the latest technology and is always seeking ways to improve his business with technological advancements.

The Miami Real Estate Market, with Samuel Strauch

There are many people today who are interested in working in real estate. With all of the changes that have started to happen in the industry, you need to have a plan for adding value to your current area over the long term. Samuel Strauch is an expert in terms of Miami real estate. He has many years of experience in this area, and he is excited about what the future holds. If you are ready to start taking your real estate financing to the next level, he is the perfect person to work with.

Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of other people who he is working with. Over time, Samuel Strauch understands what kind of impact he can make by working with them on an investing plan that makes sense over the long term.

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Samuel Strauch

When Samuel Strauch first started out in real estate, a lot of people thought that he was crazy for taking on all of those projects. Not only that, but there were a lot of people who did not realize all of the growth potential that would come out of this area. If you are ready to start investing, you nee to have a firm financial foundation. Samuel Strauch does not believe in people who have no money going out to buy investment properties with no money down. This is how the last financial crisis happened, and he wants to make sure that this does not happen again. Over the long term, there is a way to make money in the real estate world. Samuel Strauch is a great mentor in this area, and he is excited about the changes that are coming.

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