Jason Hope And The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) went from being a buzzword a few years ago, to more of a reality today With Apple HomeKit and Android Home; platforms have sprung up to make not easier for us to manage and incorporate these small and varying devices into our lives. Everything from smart security systems they can notify us on our smartphones to smart doorbells that allow us to see who’s at our front door and speak to them even when we’re thousands of miles away.

This is the kind of future Jason Hope is dedicating his life to bringing to fruition. By investing in the minds of high school and college students with a vision.

Jason Hope graduates from Arizona State University after studying finance and business administration. He spends much of his time as an investor, philanthropist, and advisor due in part to his vast experience. A native of Tempe, Arizona, he currently lives in Scottsdale where he contributes to the success of his community.

He donates resources to the Boys and Girls Club as well as the SENS Foundation, which specializes in anti-aging research Jason Hope actively seeks out opportunities to invest in. He doesn’t limit himself to the youth but definitely makes an effort to do what he can.

When it comes to IoT, Jason Hope is shy to admit how revolutionary they will be. For example, when it comes to customer service and airlines, he envisions a near future where the experience is streamlined and intuitive. He’s not wrong to think so as already airlines are picking up on the advantages.

Jason Hope explains that most airlines issue boarding passes within 24-hours of a flight, aiding passengers with seat selection by going off a previous selection made. Better yet, with a guests permission, the airlines can make suggestions based on changes in the flight. For example, upon notifying you of a delayed flight, they could suggest a restaurant across from your gate that has an open table for you. That way, in the hour, until your plane is ready to be boarded, you’re already in the right place and with a full belly.

Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Seems like the future is now, which once was a corny line used in lame marketing message, but it’s true. Jason Hope sees the future for what it is now and what it will become, when interaction like the ones discussed become more common place. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Jason Hope A Different Kind Of Visionary

To be young forever, that’s more of us have tan we care to admit, but it isn’t an impossible dream. At least, not with people like Jason Hope who are dedicated to seeing people live longer and healthier lives. With resources many of us dream of, he has a self-appointed ambition to give back in more than one ways. To start, after graduating from Arizona State University, Hope wasted no time in looking for ways to fulfill his ambition.

Most notably, he has invested in organizations like SENS who are leading Anti-Aging research, because of their innovative way of looking at the problem. Aging is the result of several diseases that kick in as we age. Many of the treatments available seek to help people deal with the effects. As the body continues to break down, at some point, we all wound up meeting the same fate.

Instead, the SENS Foundation is looking at diseases like cancer, lung disease, and heart disease, and researching them to uncover their cause. That way, they can better develop ways to reverse the effects on the human body. It sounds simple enough, but because many don’t awe the bigger picture like researchers at the foundation.

Jason Hope looks for opportunities where he can invest his resources, his time and extensive knowledge to bring these concepts to reality. What’s impressive about his efforts, is that he does so not just for the established, but also for those worming their way through college.

He believes many ideas never see the light of day because of the lack of funding, or clear direction. His mission is to help those with the vision to see it come to fruition. Jason Hope’s passion for technology also lends him to specific trends that will equally transform humankind. For example, the internet of things is something he keeps an eye on and is very opinionated with.

Jason Hope understands many of the shortcomings current iterations of these ever connected devices have. The dozens of different platforms, which break the idea that technology will be more connected, not less.

Though, as it stands, if Jason Hope continues to contribute to his community in this way, within the next ten years our world will be unrecognizable to how it is today. Despite the fact, Jason Hope is not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates; he is all together a different breed of visionary we need right now. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

Talkspace Helping Others To Deal With Life In A Positive Way.

There are many times when life just seems to put something in your way. Perhaps your boss is a psychopath or maybe you are a sensation seeker or something else that causes mountains of stress in your life. Think about it, how would you even know? Well, unless you know what you look for, perhaps you wouldn’t. Start to exampine things like, if the person you work for seems to be moody almost all the time. Do they seem hot on second and cold the next? If you think this to be true, that could be a psychopath waiting to happen. Now, what we are talking about is the person who is light-hearted one minue and nasty and manipulitive in the next minute. Meeting just one of these phychos can be enough to make you stop and realize that you are not in a happy state and you don’t feel safe. On the one hand maybe working with a psychopath isn’t the issue. Perhaps you are a thrill seeker and are always looking to find a situation that seems to get you in trouble. If you are always looking for the next high in your life, you might be a sensation speaker. These things don’t have to be problems, but, often they are if left unmanaged.

Lucky for all of us there is a company based in New York that is making it easy to talk with a qualified health professional. That company is called Talkspace. You might have seen one of their television commercials or you might have read about them online. They are making mental health care easy to obtain and cost effective. IF you haven’t gone to a therapist one of the main reasons may be the cost. The plans that are offered by Talkspace are helping to make it much more cost effective to get the help you need.

A plan from Talkspace makes it easy to get the help you need and keeps the cost down too. These visits are often done by the use of a smart phone. You can text your therapist or use a skype session or other options as needed. Their users are loving the service and Talkspace is going to keep growing in leaps and bounds.