The PR Newswire Feature and Ideamensch Interview Involving Southridge Capital

It is important for companies to instill in their foundation the values, culture and trained executives that will operate with the companies’ vision in mind. In the case of Southridge Capital, LLC, a finance solutions firm based in Connecticut, it is the value of ethics, corporate involvement and employment contentment that form the foundation of the company’s growth. These are the kind of values that contribute to why Southridge Capital is not only one of the most talked-about companies today, but also a part of the list of relevant companies offering quality products to a diversified set of clients.



One of these news features that discuss some of these products and offerings of Southridge Capital LLC is the one from PR Newswire. The news highlights how Southridge Capital has just recently entered into a $5 Million equity purchase agreement with the tech firm, Elite Data Services. Elite Data Services has already established a name for itself. It is now a company that offers quality software applications, solutions and remedies to other firms’ database needs and problems. It is a company that’s able to utilize the most cutting-edge tech today and help other companies generate revenue. The companies it serves involve firms in the automotive, gaming and hospitality industry. With Southridge Capital’s guidance, the company is now able to expand its market share, get more quality clients and close deals that were previously not possible. The Southridge Capital assistance has also replaced the traditional client-based contracts of Elite Data to sell their proprietary products with something more efficient. For more details visit Bloomberg.



On the other hand, it is in the interview that Stephen M. Hicks, CEO and Founder of Southridge, did with Ideamensch that people can learn how he was able to grow his company through his years of honed talent and expertise in risk arbitrage and investment banking. It is there that people can assess how his BS in Business Administration degree from King’s College has contributed to his success today. Hicks also got his MBA from Fordham University, New York.



Asked what his typical day was like, Hicks answered in the interview that he always spends time reviewing the portfolio of his clients. He also makes sure that he spends most of his time looking for new business opportunities.


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GoBuyside Has Streamlined Recruitment and is Getting Qualified Talent into the Right Positions in Record Time

An Executive Search Firm that is changing that has streamlined the recruitment process to be hyper-specialized. Businesses in the finance world can cut the time it takes to hire new talent by using GoBuyside. Based out of New York City, Arjun Kapur the CEO for GoBuyside noticed that there was a trend to decentralize the recruitment process from general recruitment firms to niche style recruitment. Kapur got his MBA from Stanford’s School Of Business and after graduating had immense success in diverse and complex engagements in cities throughout the United States and abroad. He’s applied that knowledge and experience to how he’s running GoBuyside. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

GoBuyside pays close attention to hiring trends in the finance world and is always a few steps ahead of the competition. According to a statistic, 24% of employed people did some or all of their work remotely in 2015. With more people working away from the traditional office it means that a person’s location no longer has to be incumbent on what companies they are eligible to work for. GoBuyside can gather the most qualified talent from around the world. Something else that is awesome is a new trend in hiring for part-time and project-oriented roles. Applicants have more flexibility to build on their outlying skills and can develop their talents one project at a time.

GoBuysides recruitment model is working and has been so successful in part because they have been able to pull talent that is specifically looking and qualified to work in the finance field. Similarly to how the medical field has hyper-centralized recruitment because someone who has experience teaching doesn’t need to be in the same recruitment pool as a surgeon. It weeds out unnecessary applicants, so Fortune 500 companies save time.


For-profit companies especially those in the realm of finance operated off of a “time is money” motto. Whatever will save time and increase in revenue is the route investment firms want to take. A successful investment management employee should bring in five times as much as their salary. When a position goes unfilled the company loses money because there is no one there to bringing more revenue, they could lose accounts due to the vacancy, and they spend money and time on recruiting new talent. In a real-life study, a generalized recruitment firm took three times as long and was unsuccessful in hiring someone to manage a hedge fund valuing 2 billion dollars in assets as the specialized investment management recruitment firm.

Arjun Kapur has developed Gobuyside since 2011 to be a worldwide leader in recruitment in finance. The company is now in over 500 cities around the world, it is the largest recruitment firm in the United States, and has more than 100,000 persons. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from John Hopkins University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and then got his Master’s from Stanford. Kapur was ready to take the change the game in world finance and doing just that. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The Work of Equities First Holdings

Established back in 2012, Equities First Holdings has been impacting the business world for quite some time. Equities First Holdings is an advisory and an investment company that is focused on providing financial solutions. In addition, the company also provides margin loans and other services to help clients meet their personal and financial goals against traded stock.

Over time Equities First Holdings has become one of nations leader in global shareholder finance. The companies success over time has allowed it to make many long term partnerships with popular investment banks. Furthermore they have also worked with many leading international law firms and many large custodian banks.

Sheldon Lavin Applies Global Expansion Strategies to Grow OSI Group

It is factual that it would be difficult for large multinational food companies to overlook the quick innovation penetrating the industry. In fact, most of them are beginning to engage with startups with the intention of disrupting their industry to keep up with the rise of innovation and consumer trends. Each company has a way of doing this and OSI Group’s CEO is just one such food manufacturing that poses as a perfect example of how firms can adopt innovative ways and become leading food suppliers.

The Foundation of OSI Group

OSI Group started out as a small food supplier in Chicago. It was established by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany. When he arrived in the United States of America, he did not envision establishing a business that would take over the food production industry. He invested in the business by choosing to provide quality products and services. Amidst it all, he adapted technology in order to revolutionize his company into a competitive services provider. Today, OSI Group has expanded its global presence in more than ten countries. It also boasts of having about 65 facilities in these countries.

The Input of Excellent Leaders

Without a doubt, great leaders make the whole difference in the performance of an organization. For OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has been that perfect leader who controls the operations of the firm. His career in the industry of meat production began thirty years ago when Mr. Kolschowsky appointed him to serve as the finance executive and oversee the significant departments that required rebranding and financing. At that moment, he had just graduated from the school of finance. Since then, Sheldon Lavin assumed the CEO position and took over planning, communication, and organization, among other roles.

Sheldon Lavin Contributes Greatly to the Global Expansion of OSI Group

Besides planning and execution, Sheldon Lavin has adopted a global expansion strategy that he uses to expand the operations of OSI Group across different continents. For instance, in the summer of 2016, he propelled the acquisition of Tyson Foods, a manufacturing plant based in Chicago. While the details of that acquisition were not disclosed, it is clear that it enhanced the firm’s ability to meet the growing demands for meat products.

See the Change Malcolm CasSelle Has Brought in the Virtual Market

To succeed in business, excellent management skills and being innovative are key aspects one should have. The ability to collaborate with other professionals with a similar interest in the line of business can help entrepreneurs discover new opportunities in the market. Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur who has utilized these aspects to get to the top of the gaming industry. Malcolm is the CIO of OPSKins and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Through his leadership, Worldwide Asset eXchange has become a popular platform in the world. The system is known for the creation of in-game virtual exchange supported by OPSkins.

OPSkins have over the years maintained its popularity as a worldwide bitcoin merchant. The company attributes its success to the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle. To boost virtual assets trading, OPSkins needed a reliable system, and this led to the introduction of Worldwide Asset eXchange. The system has the technological capabilities that help it create a platform that enhances easy trading of virtual assets. Centralization of virtual assets enables traders to trade with each other.

The aim of Malcolm is that the system will enhance the proficiency of virtual trading by ensuring enhanced transactions and reduced fraud cases. Insecurity and fraud issues had marred the virtual market in a great way. The system, however, is reputed for creating smart contracts that can reduce transactional intermediaries, making goods delivery secure. Malcolm has assured clients that the technology will ensure safety and efficacy in users operations.

Before being the president of WAX, Malcolm was the Chief Technology Officer and the president of New Venture. He had previously served as the senior vice president and the general manager of SeaChange international. He joined SeaChange in 2015 as a CEO after it acquired TimelineLabs. Malcolm had led several startups in the digital world that include the joint venture with Groupon, MediaPass, and Xfire. According to Malcolm, positive spirit and respect for the body determine how successful you would become in any career. Malcolm CasSelle advises that having a daily routine, morning workouts, enough sleep, and heavy breakfast are important in helping a person perform his duties in the right way.

Kamil Idris Speaks on Ways to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Kamil Idris addresses that IP’s has importance when it comes to economic development. He says Ip when it comes to economics has meaning to all countries. A countries political agenda on a national scope determines the benefits of Ip use. He says there are a number of factors like the commitment to Ip development, respecting the rights of Ip, and being aware of its potential. Kamil Idris also says the need for skilled workers who are creators and innovators really matters.

Kamil Idris was asked what was being done about the pitfalls of IP due to globalization?

Professor Idris says the pitfalls are piracy, and counterfeit, along with a high percentage of backlogs in regards to the processing of applications (patent apps). Just being able to distribute works over the internet whether having the right to or not has caused copyright piracy. Professor Idris says the manufacturing of counterfeit goods has seen enormous growth. This growth in counterfeit goods and the distribution of these goods has large social, human and economic cost. Professor Idris considers this a major problem and thinks that stakeholders need to tackle this with great effort. Kamil Idris believes WIPO will help conquer these problems at many levels.

WIPO (World International Property Organization) was created to protect copyrighted material in the digital realm. WIPO also acts as a forum for countries to come together and share their knowledge, and to pinpoint opportunities and mandate procedures.

When it comes to product development, it is more easily identified because communication has created greater opportunities for scientific and technological information to be accessible. This information comes from patent documents which Professor Idris considers to be an untapped resource. He says that economic and technological development has the chance for huge growth.

Patent applications have blossomed and globalization is the fuel behind the need for new markets, better products, and greater technology. He says that finding common ground between the international community is important. Professor Idris believes WIPO provides the forum to conversate about better IP services.