NewsWatch TV  Helping Your Business Reach Out

Picking a good show to market your product is necessary if you want to make your services known to people. If you are looking for one such channel, NewsWatch should be your first choice. The show is aired on AMC and ION Network and is watched by millions of people. It is the reason why companies want to partner with them so that they can reach out to more people with just one show. There are many different companies that have featured on their show and has become quite successful today. even though many marketers claim that TV promotion does not work, NewsWatch TV has proved them wrong and has been helping companies reach their targets for decades.

NewsWatch TV has helped many companies promote their products successfully and improve their revenue. Some of the companies benefitted greatly from using NewsWatch TV as their medium for marketing and promotion are Contour and Avanca. The Avanca had an ongoing Indiegogo Campaign with which they needed help, and by promoting it on NewsWatch, they were able to raise more than 29 times the money they initially required. The considerable success they achieved not only helped with their campaign but also ensured that they can kick-start their business with a bang. Contour also designed a unique and innovative ergonomic workstation that it wanted to promote. With NewsWatch TV, the sales of their products multiplied manifolds and went beyond their initial expectations.

The outreach of NewsWatch TV to over 200 markets across the United States has helped many companies to promote their products and brands successfully. Coupling the marketing on NewsWatch TV along with other marketing methods is sure to help you achieve the business goals that you are looking to make. It is a smart and economical way to reach out to your target audience.

WAX: A New Innovation in the Field of Virtual Assets Trading Led By Malcolm Casselle

OpSkins is the leading seller of in-game virtual assets and bitcoin merchant all around the globe. Under the leadership of Malcolm Casselle, OpSkins boasts of an extensive global presence with many users making international payments. The company also enjoys an extensive market share in the industry. Its users are constantly raising the demand of a decentralized system for virtual assets. As such, OpSkins is shifting from the centralized marketplace for virtual assets to meet the changing needs of its clients in the market.

Most recently, OpSkins successfully launched the WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) blockchain platform. It seeks to aid trading on virtual assets. The platform facilitates P2P virtual assets trading based on blockchain and valuable contracts, making it efficient for both the sellers and buyers to trade virtual assets amongst themselves.

Following the introduction of WAX into the market, issues of fragmentation and fraud are easy to solve. Solving these problems is now easy using the blockchain-based widget. It enables users to successfully sell and buy virtual items in an instant without deviating from their games. Additionally, the WAX Token offers a common currency for trading. As such, problems brought about by Forex are a thing of the past.

Malcolm Casselle serves as the CIO at OpSkins. He also sits at the Presidency of World Asset eXchange (WAX). As a renowned entrepreneur, Malcolm started his career journey leading various startup companies in the digital industry. He is the man behind the growth and development of digital firms such as the joint venture between Groupon and China’s Tencent. Before his debut at WAX, Casselle worked at Tron, Inc. as the head of new ventures. Prior to this role, he was a General Manager and Senior V.P at SeaChange’s digital media.

Moreover, Casselle actively invested in several reputable companies including Facebook and Zynga during their early stages. He has recently focused his investments in firms operating within the Bitcoin industry.

Malcolm Casselle’s career thrives on a strong education background. He graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He also owns a Computer Science degree from the Stanford University. Besides, he is fluent in both Mandarin and Japanese.

How to maximize earnings on Upwork

Upwork is a website based in California for freelance writers and was founded in the year 2015. It is one of the largest websites for freelancing according to their LinkedIn page, where each individual writes what skills they have and businesses contact the person based off of their profile. Many businesses use the website and hire web developers, writers, and more. An article by writes about how people can make money on Upwork and gain valuable experience. The profile is a good step to start from and making it honest. Without it, clients will not be able to hire the individual for projects so it is necessary for highlighting the skills and it’s important to be honest with it because lying about it will look bad and when someone can’t do the work requested it will cause the individuals account to be shut down or suspended. People can personalize their profile with their credentials and other work experience, after that it will take about 24 hours to be validated by Upwork.

Jobs can be requested by gaining tokens via the website, 60 are given at the start. Businesses will hire if they see notable experience and a complete profile and it can be important to research the person that is hiring them to get a feel for them. There is a rating system in place on Upwork for businesses and freelancers to rate each other and can affect picking up more work. People can choose how much they want to get paid as Upwork takes a certain percentage of the profits. People can get paid by the hour or a fixed rate. Negotiations can be made with businesses over payment too. Freelancers can choose to get paid over Paypal or direct transfer on a weekly basis. If some work is dropped Upwork does have a protocol in place.

A dispute can also be filed against a business if they fail to pay for the completed work. Upwork is a site to earn money from businesses and clients but freelancers need to follow these steps to be successful.

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How President And CEO Rick Shinto Had InnovaCare Health Respond To Hurricane Maria

InnovaCare, Inc., is a New Jersey-based firm that offers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, M.D. Another top executive is Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Both of these individuals have decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of their members. They work with healthcare providers, patients, and payers to help people gain access to affordable healthcare.

Rick Shinto started out his career as a medical doctor in Southern California. Over time he transitioned into an executive role such as at Medical Pathways Management Company (MPMC) where he was the chief medical officer. Before joining InnovaCare he had been the CEO at another Medicare and Medicaid provider, Aveta, Inc. He was honored in February 2018 when Modern Healthcare recognized his as a Top 25 Minority Executives In Healthcare. He took an active role in making sure people still had access to healthcare after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Check out


Penelope Kokkinides specializes in providing government-backed healthcare policies to people. She previously worked for AmeriChoice as a corporate vice president and was an executive vice president and COO at Centerlight HealthCare. She was selected to join a White House panel where she was able to share her views about Medicare and Medicaid coverage in Puerto Rico. She said that the funding for these programs had been unfairly cut commensurate with the fifty states and she argued this funding should be restored. She said that this would save the government money because otherwise many Puerto Ricans would seek medical help in states like Florida where the costs are far higher than they are in Puerto Rico. For more details visit

The team at InnovaCare Health did all that they could to support Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Just two weeks after this hurricane struck they had forward-deployment teams on the ground in Puerto Rico who provided free medical services in ten cities. They helped over 4,000 Puerto Ricans in the first few months regardless of whether or not they had medical plans. They also opened Recargate which was initially a place for people to recharge their devices. It soon became a clinic where people could refill subscriptions, obtain medical care, and get access to other services.



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Freedom Checks May Confuse, But the Investment Underaneath is Very Straight Forward

Freedom checks remain an intriguing investment wrapped in a bit of mystery. Although by now most have seen Matt Badiali’s freedom checks videos, the investment behind the check remains mostly unknown. All viewers really understand is that the investment can yield quite the payout, unfortunately the videos do nothing to explain how that payout is generated. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

The freedom checks payout is generated through a legitimate investment in what is known as a master limited partnership. Master limited partnerships are natural resource companies that take advantage of a little known tax break. This break comes from a particular statute that creates a very profitable perk such companies use to generate working capital. It also allows them to only be taxed on 10% of their incoming profit. The only catch is these companies have to sell stakes to investors, and then disperse most of those incoming profits to said investors. As an MLP investor all that is needed is to sit back and rake in the incoming profit. This is why Badiali keeps referring to MLPs as a cash grab.


MLP stakes function like stock but bear no controlling interest. They are designed to provide the company issuing them capital, and grant investors a percentage of profit. As this profit must be completely dispersed before taxes are taken, the stakes receive monthly to quarterly payouts known as return of capital payments. Matt Badiali likes to call them freedom checks.

Matt Badiali is a competent investment analyst trusted by many for his accurate market projections. He is a trained geologist with a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D in the field of earth sciences. Before entering the investment world Badiali was employed by natural resource companies. He uses his expertise to personally look into company operations. He examines drilling, mining, and well operations to vet the companies professionalism. He is able to present first-hand information on the companies viability for the future. Badiali writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill and keep up to date on current trends. His expertise is not just on oil and natural gas but also precious metals and market fluctuations as well. Watch this video at Youtube.

The Chainsmokers New video Single “Side Effects”

About the Video “Side Effects”

A Hotel staff who is overworked dances to the new single by the Chainsmokers “Side Effects,” Emily Warren is featured in the single. The Matthew Dillon -directed Camilla Mendes of “Riverdale” chose to be part of the hotel staff, and she received a call from the boss at the beginning of the video. Mendes did not sit down; she tore her uniform in the Hotel that is neon-lit and dances to the Chain Smoker’s music.

The Fifth Song of 2018

“Side Effects” is the fifth song of 2018 Star followed by “Sick Boy,” the “You Owe Me,” “Everybody Hates Me,” and “Somebody” with Drew Love as the main character. The Duo works on the upcoming album “Sick Boy” from “Memories – Do Not Open,” which debuted in 2017. Many concerts are scheduled for the US Park in August, September, and October. Their next concert will take place on Aug. 26 at XS Nightclub in L.A, Nevada.

Chainsmokers the Duo

The American duo Chainsmokers is a portfolio of Alex Pal and Andrew Taggart. The pop duo was able to get an achievement in the song “Selfie” for 2014. The song is the best 20 in some countries. The first EP was let out in October 2015, and this included the single “Roses,” which is rated as the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. “Do not Let Me Down” became the first song of the best 5; winner of the Grammy Award.The 59th award was won by the best dance. The first song of the list was “Closer.”

Initially, the Chainsmokers was made of Pall and Rhett Bixler who was a former DJ. In 2012, the Chainsmokers was reorganized to form a duo EDM DJ under the direction of Adam Alpert in New York. Pall became DJ and was introduced by Alpert to Taggart, who was working in Chelsea at an art gallery, Manhattan. Paul participated in the history of art and music at New York university. Taggart went to Syracuse university and was in Interscope Records before they met. He is interested in working as a DJ and has published many original songs on the SoundCall website.

Paul Mampilly Shocks a lot of Investors with his Priorities in the Common Americans

Resigning from a lucrative employment position would not be an easy decision to make for many individuals, especially if your employer still values you and the work that you do for them. However, Paul Mampilly had to make this tough decision to leave his employment and start a new career where no one would recognize him as the hero of the industry. The legacy that he had built while at the Wall Street was tremendous and it seemed like a risky decision to quit his job. However, despite all the privileges at risk, Mampilly had to abandon the job and pursue his interests in life.

The interest of Paul Mampilly was to ensure that the common American benefited from the vast experience and the savvy skills that he possessed in investment and financial management. He had realized that while working for the big companies in the Wall Street America, the only people who benefited from his investment proficiency were the investors who would pay the companies to manage their wealth. The common people, on the other hand, would not afford to pay for the investment gurus to manage their small fortunes or even get advice from them. This ended up making the rich richer while the low-income earners remained in the same impoverished positions.

After quitting the job from the Wall Street, Paul Mampilly figured out the best way in which he could manage to reach the majority of the American citizens. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing and started his new career there. The new daily work for Mampilly was to gather investment data and information from the market and perform expert analysis of the data. From this, he would then come up with sound investment advice that he would distribute to his clients through newsletters and other forms of publications. Using this method, Paul Mampilly reaches more than 500,000 clients who read his publications, and hence he can reach a lot more people to benefit from his expertise. This way, he is now a happy man to see his dreams of serving the public come true. Besides that, Paul Mampilly is now affording ample time to spend with the family than ever before.

The Founding of Bumble and Tinder Apps by Whitney Wolfe Herd

Online dating has registered a positive reception in the past years with dating apps recording a high number of users. Whitney Wolfe Herd has taken an active role in the creation and marketing of dating apps. She is credited for founding Bumble app as well as taking part in the creation of Tinder where she came up with the name. Whitney Wolfe Herd regards dating apps as being one of the ways that women may be empowered. They foster interaction among different people. In the past, she has worked with Tech Labs and Tinder. In Tinder, she served as the vice president of the marketing activities. However, she left the Company after being discriminated against and sexually harassed by the founders. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

The founders were opposed to the idea of having a young female as part of the executive. Consequently, she sued Tinder and was awarded $ 1 million worth of Tinder stocks. Whitney Wolfe Herd proceeded to from Bumble which is estimated to be over 1 billion dollars. The investor has a 20% stake in the Company and has been instrumental in pushing the product in new markets. In 2017, the Bumble App has over 22 million users which indicate that it has had a positive reception globally. Unlike Tinder, Bumble is seen as being more inclined to the female gender.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Early Life, Education and Career

Whitney was born in Utah and attended the Judge Memorial Catholic School. After her family moved to France, she enrolled in the Southern Methodist University as well as Sorbonne University. While still studying she took part in many marketing activities that saw her work with Tech Labs and other ventures. The platform allowed her to attain technological and leadership that proved essential in the creation of Bumble.

She also acquired extensive professional links that are required in creating a successful venture. She was in charge of marketing activities and recruiting new. Based on her success journey, Whitney Wolfe Herd can be defined as an experienced and skilled investor. Despite her young age, she managed to attain a breakthrough in the technological world. She is regarded as being one of the most promising women investors. Visit:



End Citizens United’s Comprehensive Plan To End Citizens United

Our democracy is directly under attack. It seems that large corporations and the wealthy can simply buy the government these days. And it was all started by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

In 2008, Citizens United was a little known political action committee trying to air a 90-minute fake documentary about Hillary Clinton. They broke FEC rules by trying to air the film to close to election day. They were denied the right to air the propaganda, and, of course, Citizens United filed suit.

Citizens United was told no by the FEC and other federal courts. Then the Supreme Court chose the case completely out of the blue. Five conservative justices then returned one of the most jaw-dropping decisions in the history of the Republic. They somehow spun logical circles fast enough to get dizzy in order to say that corporations are people. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

I don’t know about you, but I have never met a corporate person. However, this incredibly stupid decision is now affecting each and every one of our lives. It allows these corporate persons to express free speech with the use of cash in order to influence elections.

I only take solace in the fact that End Citizens United was assembled just a few years later. The grassroots organization is inspiring with a multilevel plan to take power back from corporations.

The group travels the country to endorse Democratic candidates that want to end Citizens United. They turn their fundraising powers on for the candidate in order to raise money to fight off the corporations that will inevitably attack. End Citizens United only takes money from individuals and never takes donations from corporations. They have quite the fundraising capability and they are currently using it to aid Beto O’Rourke in his Senate race with Ted Cruz.

They’ve also dispatched campaign-finance advocates to watch over critical elections across the country. End Citizens United has filed a lawsuit against Rick Scott in his bid for a Senate seat in the state of Florida. They just caught him coordinating with his super PAC which is against campaign finance law.



Marathon Pharmaceuticals Redefines the Medical Space

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has offices in Chicago, New Jersey, and Northbrook. The firm mainly deals with patients suffering from rare diseases or whose medical conditions are not fully satisfied by other medical practitioners or medical institutions. The pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector, in general, are characterized by players who like dealing with easy to manufacture medicines. However, Marathon Pharmaceuticals has come to change this narrative. The firm mainly deals with small volumes of drugs which are hard to produce. This is the unique value the firm brings to the market. The firm knows very well that patients with rare diseases have minimal treatment options and many pharmaceutical companies are not interested in solving this problem. It is at this point that this firm comes in to bridge the gap.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is growing fast and is cementing its place in the healthcare industry. Recently, it has launched a Marathon Bioscience Centre. The center will play a significant role in the development of solutions of cancer, central nervous system diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and other forms of rare diseases. The staff working at this facility are experts in the medical sector. As such, they have many years of experience and have the necessary academic skills needed to run such a facility. Many of them are professionals in research and the treatment of rare diseases. The location of the center is close to MATTER. This is a hub for biotechnology located in Chicago. It is home to over two hundred start-ups in the healthcare sector, and many professionals and hospitals are seeking to tap into this opportunity.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals has been involved in the production of medical solutions for patients with rare diseases. As such, it has overseen the development of various medications such as Seconal Sodium, PEPCID®, and ZiNGO among Others. Perhaps one of the flagship medication is the Seconal Sodium. The drug acts as a depressant to the central nervous systems. It is capable of depressing sensory cortex and in turn, minimize motor activity. It is strongly recommended to people who require sedation and drowsiness or people who need pre-anesthetic before undergoing an operation.