Abdulla Al Humaidi Expanding Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH)’s Empire

Abdulla Al Humaidi stands out as one of the world’s most renowned business leaders following running Kuwaiti European Holding (KEH). The venture expands businesses in various industries globally, thanks to the hardworking director Abdulla Al Humaidi. The renowned entrepreneur presents a track record in multiple companies that the KEH investment company now holds. Abdulla Al Humaidi builds strategic capabilities and balances them off with sound development projects in the Middle East and Europe. For instance, he has built the union between Egyptian Saudi Tourism and Real Estate Investment Company (ESTRICO) and KEH. 


The capability involves the construction of the first stage of Aqueous Resort in the land of the Pharaohs. The hotel sits in the expansive and aesthetically fulfilling coastline of Egypt. Abdulla Al Humaidi utilizes the strengths of KEH to build ventures in finance, tourism, and real estate sub-sectors. Armilla Capital Limited serves in the financial sector in the UK. Moreover, Abdulla Al Humaidi explains, Ebbsfleet United Football Club operates in the entertainment industry in the UK. Qaran Lake Tourism and Investment Company serves in the tourism and leisure sub-sector in Europe.


Abdulla Al Humaidi’s ventures also dominate in the tourism and real estate industries in Asia and Western Europe. Quantum Real Estate serves property consumers in Hong Kong. Landmarque Property Group serves real estate consumers in Ireland. Moreover, Abdulla Al Humaidi states, London Resort Company Holdings operate in hospitality products and services in the UK. Indeed, KEH has expanded under Abdulla Al Humaidi to own numerous businesses across the world. The empire will continue to grow as long as he remains in charge. Indeed, inspiring entrepreneurs find a befitting role model in Abdulla Al Humaidi.


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