About Krishen Iyer And His Profession

The MAIS Consulting firm located in Encinitas was established by Krishen Iyer, who oversees integral company roles and ascertains that operations within the firm are streamlined and moving in the right direction. The marketing expert went to San Diego State University. Here, the successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer pursued a course in public administration that played an integral role in his career success. 


Krishen Iyer has spent most of his early life in California. After being done with his degree course, Krishen started venturing into insurance. He continued with the same trend and has never backslid but focused on becoming a serial entrepreneur. Up to now, successful businessman, CEO and outstanding long time entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is also the founder of MNP insurance firm, one of the leading firms in the insurance sector. 


After establishing the MNP insurance company,  CEO Krishen Iyer decided to co-found the MBS firm, where he took the role of the CEO in charge of running primary company operations. This firm has spearheaded the growth and success of several entrepreneurs. It is clear and concise that several firms have managed to make profits and heighten to international levels. Besides excelling in analytical processes, Krishen has assisted firms in increasing their sales.

The role of Krishen Iyer within the MAIS consulting firm is that of the chief executive officer. It’s clear and concise that a CEO plays a significant role in running the firm’s major operations. The marketing policies and growth strategies provided by this firm have a significant impact on the success of several firms. Krishen Iyer prides itself in ensuring that young people grow and become experts in their areas of specialization. He also has a passion for giving back to society.