Affordable Ballet Flat Shoes-Tieks


Tieks is one of the leading online fashion companies in the world. One of the largest barriers to not buying Tieks is the price. The shoes are not of high quality but also portable and comfortable. The flat ballet shoes have soft leather upper and non-elasticized heels to their rubber soles eye-catching. The shoes are just comfortable on the feet since the first step. The flat ballet shoes come in different styles, as listed below.

  • Vegan: they are manufactured purely without animal prints.
  • Classics: solid-colored shoes made with standard leather.
  • Patents: The flat ballet shoes are solid colored made from patent leather.
  • Prints: These are flat ballet shoes made with standard leather in several fun patterns like leopard prints, plaid, and metallic.

Tieks considers young girls and manufactures mini shoes made from suede.

After you have decided to buy the flat ballet shoes, the next decision is which style and design you want. The other thing is choosing the color. The flat shoes come in different colours, including:

  • Matte Black
  • Midnight Blue
  • Tyrian Purple
  • Pacific Green

Once you have chosen the shoe’s color, style and design, it is time to know your shoe size. The flat ballet shoes come in whole sizes only; in a women’s size 5-13, they do not come in half sizes. However, the company gives women a choice to size up or size down. They suggest sizing down unless one has a wide foot. The fashion company allows its clients to try their flat shoes at home, and if they do not fit, they offer an original exchange at the company.

The flat ballet shoes are made from high-quality leather, the reason why they do not stretch quickly. The shoes are designed to be comfortable, so they do not hurt. When cleaning the shoes, one should use simple leather shoe polish on a sponge, wipe around the leather, take care of where the shoe meets the sole, and stitch at the top of the shoe. Tieks are durable ballet flat shoes. See related link for more information.


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