Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Leads Hawkers to Become a Successful Social Media Brand

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez holds two bachelor’s degrees in economics and business administration from Suffolk University in Massachusetts. He later started his career in management at BGB Energy and later Guruceaga Group. Afterward, he worked for the ICC-OEOC as the Latin American commercial manager. Alejandro is also a founding member of several companies, including the O’Hara Administration and the Pacific Exploration and Production.

Hawkers was founded in 2013 with the vision of producing affordable designer sunglasses that are accessible to everyone. However, it faced some financial hardships within the first few years. It was at the edge and almost closing its doors when it got the attention of an outside financial investor. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stepped in and offered it the leverage it needed to keep its doors open. Later on, Betancourt was named the President of Hawkers to help drive it strategically and provide the necessary resources for effective growth.

This company had grown followers quickly due to their lifestyle brand, where they worked on offering high-quality and high-fashion designer sunglasses at a cost-friendly price. After taking over as the leader, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez tapped into these core brand values to drive its sales. Since Customers order sunglasses online, he used social media as the main avenue to show off the brand. Alejandro used influencers and style icons to get the world to notice the –end value and low-end price proposition.

Within a short time, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to attract more investors to the table and $56 million investments which funded the launch of offices worldwide. Since 2017, it has sold more than 4.5 million sunglasses in more than 50 countries. Its offices are in Hong Kong, Mexico City, Elche, Barcelona, and Los Angeles and have more than 200 employees. Currently, Alejandro is leading it into making bold steps by adding prescription contacts into the list of their products. He expects that Hawkers will continue to grow into the markets as they continue producing high-quality products at a low price.

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