Andreas Hassellof and Ombori Grid

Sweden is a nation with a small population, though innovation has been on the rise. The need to implement technology to improve people’s lives has created a conducive environment for innovators to develop amazing inventions and companies. One of the successful innovators in the country is Andreas Hassellof. He created Ombori Grid in 2015, and since then, the company has been a huge success. The aim of creating the company was to help companies and retailers improve their customer experience. Therefore, he created the Stockholm-based retail technology company and is now serving multiple organizations.

When Andreas Hassellof created the company, it was originally Ombori, but it has changed to Ombori Grid. He wanted organizations to manage their clients more efficiently, therefore, improvised a queue management system. The new technology was aimed at revolutionizing customer experience and adding new elements to the experience.

Andreas Hassellof created a ready-to-use system that helps retailers manage their clients. With such a platform, an organization can manage clients in its physical stores. The use of digital screens and mobile devices in stores has ensured that clients are properly managed and their experience elevated. Besides, Andreas Hassellof ensured that his company enhances urban life by ensuring that it allows for smart stores, smart spaces, and smart cities through its customer management system. Therefore, those organizations that have depicted the application are enjoying increased sales efficiency and getting more loyal clients. Such an initiative fulfills Andreas’s dream and that of H&M’s. The latter aims at implementing interactive mirror displays to build rapport with customers and sell more merchandise in the stores.

Andreas Hassellof ensures that his Ombori Grid keeps up with the fast-evolving Swedish innovation culture. He provides updates for his features and is currently used by various retail stores around the world. Some of the top clients utilizing his creation include Dufry, Lindt, H&M, and Target Australia.

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