Andrew Frame And The Creation of a New App

The consumer buying landscape has changed beyond imagination over the course of recent decades. As physical stores fall out of favor for digital storefronts, new shopping concepts have been able to flourish in this environment. Namely the expansion of social media apps and their user interfaces. It has become easier to connect people across long distances.

Andrew Frame believes this was a trend worth taking advantage of as he got to the drawing board. The result he reached was an alternative method to alert others to the dangers in the surrounding environment. Ideamensch was able to document the development history of the brand-new app.

Andrew Frame has been able to carve out his own place in the industry through a variety of means both small and large scale. The first is using a user’s eyes to convey information directly to others. This makes Citizen a very personal app to engage with as users share this collective space.

He has added other life saving features such as hotlines and live agents for real time assistance. However, the best ideas often come from his personal downtime. It allows him to see the world through unfiltered lens to determine what exactly might still be missing.

Citizen App initially started off on a high note, but it was emergence of the pandemic that truly set its success into motion. Suddenly there more users on their smartphones and staying in local areas. This increased the need for an app to keep each person informed.

Andrew Frame learned circumstances outside of his control can have a positive impact when steered correctly. Citizen has since stabilized its usage as consumers await the next round of updates. Andrew Frame joined the industry at just the right time to take advantage of a once in a generation market shift. See related link for more information.


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