Betsy DeVos Pushes For Change in the American Educational System

Change is very much something that can only come about when people are pushed. The same is true for many areas of American life. Education is one area that reaches into all areas of American life. As such, people are well aware of what education can do for them. They are also very much aware of where the system in the United States could be improved. This is something that Betsy DeVos understands. She has seen how the educational system in the United States has not done as much as it should for all too many students. Many students enter the system unprepared. They also leave this system without having the skills they need in order to find the success they want as adults. That is something that Betsy DeVos would like to see changed in a deeply fundamental way. She’s pushed for changes in the system at a fundamental level.


Asking More


Asking more from the educational system in the United State is something that Betsy DeVos knows can get done. She knows that it helps to have someone who will stand up and fight for those who are most in need in the United States. She would like to ensure that no children are left behind when it comes to the world of American educational policy. In her view, it is possible to push for new changes and a better and more responsive system. This is very much what she has done in her own work. It’s also what she believes in deeply in every way. She wants to ensure that all kids can learn and grow no matter where they should happen to live or attend schools. Her passionate work has been about fully unleashing the human potential in all of the nation’s school children.


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