Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, A Thought Provoking Novel

When an author rolls out a debut novel, the pressure is on. The critics, the booksellers and most importantly the readers determine the outcome if a book will be deemed a literature legend among the greats. For first time author Sean Penn, his book has been deemed a masterful art work that captures both lighthearted humor and the grim reality of what is happening in today’s world. The book has made the writer be known for something other than his longevity of a career in acting and directing. He has taken a spell from screenwriting to pen a novel to spotlight a time that he views as changing and not necessarily changing for the better.


From the #MeToo Movement to the civil conflict in foreign countries to the state of economics and to the political campaigns influenced by hacking, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a novel capturing so many historical and timeless events will forever leave its remarkable mark on the world around us. The novel makes several references to a fictional character that poses characteristics of real life people. Sean Penn mentions California’s fist openly gay official working in politics. In the novel this character is called Fletcher but Fletcher’s personality and ways seem to connect back to El Chapo, a bigtime drug lord Sean Penn once interviewed. References to a “landlord” are made several times that tends to remind readers of Donald Trump.


Bob Honey himself is created from real life person. His charm, his peculiar ways and his views tend to correlate with Sean Penn. Bob Honey does have some differences from his author. The guy is a divorced man trying to develop social relationships with people. However, he his innate antisocial mechanisms make it very challenging for him to interact with others. He works for the government set in a dystopian style universe. Oddly, he makes a living by killing people. Mostly, he is just trying to understand the changing dynamics of politics around him. In a sense, Bob Honey is all of us in learning to adapt to a different kind of world.