Carlos Alberto de Oliveira- The Founder of CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira launched CAOA in 1979. This was after he made an order for a Ford Landau via a Ford Dealership that was based in Campina Grande. Things took a different turn as the dealership got bankrupt even before they had delivered his vehicle. On seeing this, Carlos Alberto decided to take advantage of this situation and suggested for the ownership of the company transfer to him to compensate for his payment for the vehicle. This is the root origin of CAOA. Dr. Carlos earned great recognition as an entrepreneur right after the founding of CAOA. He took over the management of this business.

The company grew and started to import Renault cars in 1992. It experienced immense growth and development and became the absolute and official importer of Renault vehicle in Brazil. CAOA was featured in position five in the automotive industry and position one in imported vehicles. CAOA diversified to the importation of Subaru vehicles (Japanese brand) in 1998 via Dr. Carlos effort. The cars had multiplied thrice within one year of sale of Subaru cars. The representation of Hyundai South Korean Vehicles didn’t succeed. This made Dr. Carlos come up with a strategy when CAOA took over cars importation. His approach helped to make Hyundai the leading brand in the market.

The first Hyundai factory was inaugurated in 2007. It was Dr. Carlos lifetime dream to own an automobile manufacture factory. Carlos utilized his resources to create the firm which drove him towards winning an award as the best entrepreneur of the year. Besides, the fir inaugurated both its energy and Research Center. The primary objective of the center was research on engines and vehicles inclusive of fuels for the new models. CAOA has managed to win many other wards such as the Most Admired and the best distributor of the Year. Dr. Carlos recently signed an agreement with Chinese Chery. The partnership will help to make both companies combine their efforts. Advanced Technologies is among the most critical factors of CAOA as it will help the firm to attain high standards for sales and improve their sales experience.