NET1 Creates First Blockchain Smart Card

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953 but moved to South Africa with his family at the age of fourteen where he had to overcome the challenge of learning English while attending Highlands North High School. Serge Belamant learned English and excelled both in academics and athletics while in high school. After graduating high school Belamant attended Witwatersrand University and studied engineering before changing his focus of study to computer science and applied mathematics.

Though he attended Witwatersrand University for two years Belamant did not graduate from the university. Instead, Belamant chose to take online courses in Information Systems for a year from the University of South Africa. Before founding company, NET1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. in 1989 Serge Belamant worked in an engineering firm, learned linear and non-linear programming, created the VIB Network, developed a ten-step risk assessment program, and was head hunted to work on the SASWITCH system.

Serge Belamant has applied for several patents some of which have been granted and others remain pending. NET1 UEPS has used patented technology to create the first smart card that uses blockchain technology. The smart cards have several favorable key features. The NET1 UEPS smart cards have solved security issues by using patented technology that verifies a users identity and facilitates a transaction by generating a PIN for a biometric identifier that is correct. Users fingerprints will be stored digitally on the smart cards chip. The smart cards will work while offline. The recorded information will update and the transactions will confirm once the card interacts with a centralized point of sale device or an ATM. All recorded transactions are stored on NET1’s central database. The NET1 UEPS Technologies smart card works just like a bank and targeted South Africa’s illiterate poor.

Serge Belamant created the blockchain smart card to be easy to use by South Africa’s rural poor. The biometric verification security feature allows illiterate users to use a fingerprint and not worry about passwords.

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Bought Elections and the End Citizens United.

Democracy is one of the gifts that the free world has given its citizens. The freedom to elect people that stand for their policies and represent them in the lawmaking process of the country. It is the only form of government that gives all, including the lowest members of the Caste, the right of choice and power in their countries. This freedom, democratic freedom, is only achieved in free, fair and transparent elections which is not the case when candidates are “paid” or “bought” by the wealthy in the society. When individual one percenters endorse a candidate to Congress, they maintain control of the office or position of the candidate. This mutes the voice of the rest 99 percent and drags public participation and progress in the mud. That’s why the End Citizens United committee was established in 2015. Visit their page on Facebook.

This founding of End Citizen United was triggered by a court ruling that deregulated the limits on independent fundings and spending for or against a candidate. The Citizens United Vs Federal election commission court ruling was in 2010 and the holding was that optical spending was a form of protected speech in the 1st amendment in the constitution and that the government should not keep corporations from funding or endorsing candidates, under the notion “corporations are people”.

The mission of End Citizens United is to end rigged elections and put an end to billionaires “big money” involvement in elections by electing campaign finance reform candidates to help them undermine and end citizens united and untraceable unlimited money in politics. Objectives of End Citizens United in pursuit of their mission are as follows, first is the election of pro-reform candidates to Congress, making the issues of political financing a national priority, using the grassroots membership to shift the political financing power from the wealthy and finally to work with ballot measures commission to pass pro-reform laws.

The End Citizen United has developed a very transparent website that allows viewers to see the progress of their funds, what the committee does and profiles on their pro-reform candidates. This is the level of voter participation that ensures that democracy is upheld and everyone enjoys their right as voters.

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Whitney Wolfe Made Bumble to Help Women

The point of creating Bumble was so Whitney Wolfe could create more opportunities for women. She wanted them to feel they had control over their own dating situations and wanted to make the app dating world the best it could be for all the women who used it. Whitney Wolfe focused on helping people and giving them experiences others might not be able to.

Women don’t always get to experience the best parts of the app dating world. In fact, they often have to deal with harassment and unsolicited messages from men. It’s hard for them and Whitney Wolfe knew this because she had been on different dating apps in the past. She also knew things were more difficult for women because they didn’t have the same kind of power men had in the app dating world. It made more sense for her to continue making the dating apps different because of the way she did things. Read this article about Whitney Wolfe at Forbes.

Whitney Wolfe feels confidence is important to make things better in the app dating world. She also feels there are things women can do to gain more confidence in the dating industry. She wants them to feel good about themselves and also wants to make sure they have a clear understanding of the positive experiences that come from being on a dating app. With Bumble, women get the chance to gain confidence since they don’t have to deal with unsolicited messages from men while they’re just trying to find someone who wants the same thing as them.

As more women realize what’s available on Bumble, they have the chance to choose different options. Whitney Wolfe designed the app so she could continue making it better. Wolfe relies on making sure women understand they’re getting a premier experience with Bumble. As she looks to the future and chooses new options for the app, women will have even more power when it comes to dating. Wolfe plans to add different options to suit needs women might have while they’re using the app and the choices the app already has in place. It’s her goal to keep making things easier for women.



Talos Energy and Stone Energy Become Larger with Merger

The announced merger between Talos Energy LLC and Stone Energy Corp has finished, resulting in the two companies combining into Talos Energy, Inc. The new company is headed by Talos Energy LLC CEO Timothy Duncan and a Board of Directors that will consist of six Talos executives and four Stone executives.

The merger was approved universally by both companies Board’s as well as through a shareholder vote. Shareholders of Talos Energy LLC ended up owning 63% of Talos Energy, Inc., while Stone shareholders got the other 37%. With an increased exploratory and production capacity, shares of the new company are expected to be of similar or greater value for said shareholders from both companies.

Now possessing over 1.2 million acres of land, Talos Energy, Inc. is poised to become a, if not the, major player in the Gulf of Mexico energy production industry. Estimated value of all assets exceeds $2.28 billion. With a production capacity estimated at 47,000 barrels a day and over 136 million barrels still in the ground, excluding the recent Zama field find of up to 2 billion barrels, Talos isn’t going away anytime soon.

Among the acreage owned by Talos is 160,000 acres off the coast of Mexico, where the above mentioned Zama field was found. Mexico only recently began leasing out offshore resources to private companies, and Talos’ Zama field find made their investment in Mexico worthwhile. As said above, Zama may be up to 2 billion barrels worth of oil and with the increased capacity of the new Talos after merging with Stone, development is expected to proceed apace in short order.

The increased capital and production capacity of the new Talos means that not only will the Zama field get developed quickly, but also that other potential drilling sites can be explored while maintaining operations at other fields, such as Phoenix and Pompano fields. Combined with increased capital, borrowing power and other assets, the merger seems to have been the best outcome for both companies. As Stone chairman Neal P. Goldman remarked, it is a profitable deal for both companies and shareholders alike.

How to maximize earnings on Upwork

Upwork is a website based in California for freelance writers and was founded in the year 2015. It is one of the largest websites for freelancing according to their LinkedIn page, where each individual writes what skills they have and businesses contact the person based off of their profile. Many businesses use the website and hire web developers, writers, and more. An article by writes about how people can make money on Upwork and gain valuable experience. The profile is a good step to start from and making it honest. Without it, clients will not be able to hire the individual for projects so it is necessary for highlighting the skills and it’s important to be honest with it because lying about it will look bad and when someone can’t do the work requested it will cause the individuals account to be shut down or suspended. People can personalize their profile with their credentials and other work experience, after that it will take about 24 hours to be validated by Upwork.

Jobs can be requested by gaining tokens via the website, 60 are given at the start. Businesses will hire if they see notable experience and a complete profile and it can be important to research the person that is hiring them to get a feel for them. There is a rating system in place on Upwork for businesses and freelancers to rate each other and can affect picking up more work. People can choose how much they want to get paid as Upwork takes a certain percentage of the profits. People can get paid by the hour or a fixed rate. Negotiations can be made with businesses over payment too. Freelancers can choose to get paid over Paypal or direct transfer on a weekly basis. If some work is dropped Upwork does have a protocol in place.

A dispute can also be filed against a business if they fail to pay for the completed work. Upwork is a site to earn money from businesses and clients but freelancers need to follow these steps to be successful.

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How President And CEO Rick Shinto Had InnovaCare Health Respond To Hurricane Maria

InnovaCare, Inc., is a New Jersey-based firm that offers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. It is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shinto, M.D. Another top executive is Chief Administration Officer Penelope Kokkinides. Both of these individuals have decades of experience in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to develop innovative solutions that improve the lives of their members. They work with healthcare providers, patients, and payers to help people gain access to affordable healthcare.

Rick Shinto started out his career as a medical doctor in Southern California. Over time he transitioned into an executive role such as at Medical Pathways Management Company (MPMC) where he was the chief medical officer. Before joining InnovaCare he had been the CEO at another Medicare and Medicaid provider, Aveta, Inc. He was honored in February 2018 when Modern Healthcare recognized his as a Top 25 Minority Executives In Healthcare. He took an active role in making sure people still had access to healthcare after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Check out


Penelope Kokkinides specializes in providing government-backed healthcare policies to people. She previously worked for AmeriChoice as a corporate vice president and was an executive vice president and COO at Centerlight HealthCare. She was selected to join a White House panel where she was able to share her views about Medicare and Medicaid coverage in Puerto Rico. She said that the funding for these programs had been unfairly cut commensurate with the fifty states and she argued this funding should be restored. She said that this would save the government money because otherwise many Puerto Ricans would seek medical help in states like Florida where the costs are far higher than they are in Puerto Rico. For more details visit

The team at InnovaCare Health did all that they could to support Puerto Ricans in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Just two weeks after this hurricane struck they had forward-deployment teams on the ground in Puerto Rico who provided free medical services in ten cities. They helped over 4,000 Puerto Ricans in the first few months regardless of whether or not they had medical plans. They also opened Recargate which was initially a place for people to recharge their devices. It soon became a clinic where people could refill subscriptions, obtain medical care, and get access to other services.



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