How DRAFT is Changing Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports, or DFS, have captivated the entire world. No sport is more popular than American Football, i.e. the NFL, for daily fantasy gaming. Every year when kickoff of the first week begins fans will take to the web in order to compile the perfect roster to try and win, thus cashing out against a huge field of opponents. While DFS is pretty solidified in the sports world, there are still companies out there trying to bring new innovation to the forefront of the genre.

DRAFT is an upstart DFS company that has shifted the focus away from salary based roster construction. Instead, DRAFT is going to allow players to draft their teams via snake draft against their competition. This means that players will have infinitely more variety in constructing their line up and as a result there will be a ton more roster differences between the elite players.

Drafting in fantasy football for the purposes of DFS is all about mixing upside with variance. Obviously you want to play Drew Brees at home against inferior competition, but that means you won’t get any ‘pivot’ away from the pack. Instead, opting for a lesser known guy with a better match up could be the key to success. You don’t need a promo code for that tip.