Great Achievements of IAP Worldwide

Recently, it was announced that IAP Worldwide acquired two important business units namely Tactical Communications & Network Solutions Business and DRS Technologies Inc. The acquisitions of this business units is aimed at increasing IAP capabilities in delivering quality customers services worldwide as well as double the IAPs’ market addressable market.

The unique talents and capabilities acquired from the units are to be integrated for long term growth strategy of IAP Worldwide. This acquisition clearly demonstrates board and investors support in ensuring customers are well served to deliver solutions beyond their expectations.

About IAP Worldwide

IAP is an international firm that offers a wide spectrum of solutions and services to the U.S government, international government agencies, global humanitarian aid programs as well as foreign governments that support US around the globe. As amarket leader of global scale logistics, advanced technical and professional services and facilities management, weconcentrate on ensuring our clients have access to vast procurement network that will enable them achieve their predetermined goals.

With IAP Worldwide you are assured of fast and accurate services that will suit your needs since we are well versed with maintaining, operating and managing all sorts of logistical operations despite their sizes. With over 60 years of experience serving in the international workplace, we have strategic team arrangements that are essential for providing support to clients whenever they require.

Our Biggest Motivation

We aim at ensuring that all our clients are well served basing on their needs. We put innovation in our day to day work thus enabling us respond to all complex challenges raised by government and commercial customers. Since the world is everyone’s workplace we ensure that the impossible situations are dealt with in good procedure to make them possible.

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With more than 2000 professionals working for this company around the globe, our customers are in good position to access smooth and fast services. These services range from transportation to purchasing, trucking services and warehousing among others.

Additionally, we coordinate a broad array of facilities which include remote research laboratories and military bases of similar sizes of small cities.

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In addition, our experts have extensive expertise in the provision of scientific, professional, technical, industrial staff augmentation and administrative services. We deliver greater solutions and values due to the integration of our own capabilities.

With this firm, customers are given opportunities to review the services given to them and this has contributed to the improving of our operational services.

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