A Healthy Look On Mental Health From The Prospective Of Roseann Bennett

While there are ways to get help for various aspects in our lives, the financial part of it hinders some from getting the help they need or in a timely manner. That’s what prompted Roseann Bennett to start the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A


As a licensed marriage and family therapist and working in the community for a number of years she was transferred to outpatient therapy. Roseann Bennett noticed that the need for therapy for low-income families where scarce. As a way to solve this dilemma, she and her husband wanted to create a charitable organization by treating a advocating people and families from all walks of life, while also paying close attention to those who are disenfranchised or marginalized by their community.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial. The members of the center provide treatment options. One of the benefits the center does offer is the ability to see patients that day instead of waiting for weeks. This very needed service underscores the need for this type of intervention. Many agencies do offer this type of therapy service, but the cost is sometimes prohibitive.


Roseann Bennett wants to get rid of the stigma that follows therapy and allow people to want to feel comfortable with seeking the help that they need. There are a few points that can help someone get on the right path to mental health and they are: talk to someone, watch out for stress, think about the good moments of the day, and try to let go of what you can’t control.


According to Roseann Bennett talking to someone is a great way to deal with the issues that they are dealing with and can provide a different insight on how they view the problem. Watching out for stress is a big one, not only is it harmful to your mental health but it can also cause physical symptoms such as headaches and indigestion.


Another point that is helpful is think about the good moments of the day. Doing this simple task can make a difference when dealing with stress in someone’s life. Although it’s easier to focus on the negative aspects in your life, taking the time to think about the good can help people find the strength to make it through until the negative feelings have passed. View More Information Here.


Try to let go of what you can’t control is a huge one, Bennett says “The best way to deal with setbacks like that is to realize at all times that some things will be out of your control.”


Source: https://www.roseannbennett.com/