Fortress Investment Group as the First Private Equity Firm to be Traded Publicly

Fortress Investment Group has portrayed a trait of being trendsetter since it was established in 1998 as a non-publicly traded firm. In 2007, it raised its investment capital via offering for the first time its stock to the public hence being the first private equity company to trade publicly in the Stock Exchange Market of New York City. Currently, Fortress is an international investment firm that manages assets which are more than $43 billion for investors who exceeds 1,750. It uses risk-adjusted income strategy for the benefit of its investors. Also, its headquarters are situated in New York City with a capacity of more than 900 employees.

Fortress Investment Group establishment became prosperous due to the joint effort of Wes Edens, Randal Nardone as well as Peter Briger. Fortress achieves one of its core expertise of being an asset founded Investment; it is through private equity and Debt funds. Therefore, the firm has unique knowledge in areas like managing, pricing and owning the physical and financial properties. In operations management, it has built up robust tools for taking out value directly from the complex investments that it makes. It succeeds in assessing operational, structural, and facts prevailing on the ground via proper management of its portfolios.

For more than two decades since Fortress Investment Group was established, it has natured experts who can proficiently manage the mergers and acquisitions. Also, it has experts in securing funding through equity and debt markets. Fortress has acquired much experience concerning the Financial Industry due to working and controlling portfolio firms and most of its employees especially the founders came along with skills and knowledge that they learned from their previous workstations such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management.

In 1999, Fortress Investment Group launched Fortress Investment Fund 1, and its first investments were via real estate in the Toronto and New York City markets, and with time it enlarged to credit securities and hedge finances. Between 1999 and 2006, it experienced an exponential growth of 40 percent in its private equity. Well, as Wes Edens and Randal Nardone continue to dedicate themselves for the firm fully, on the other hand, Rob Kauffman decides to pursue his life-long interest after serving Fortress for fifteen years. In 2002, Fortress leadership got a new boost after two key players are employed. One of the players was Peter Briger, who ensured that the firm transitioned from being single to an alternative asset manager.

How Talos Energy is Making Significant Contribution to the Mexican Oil Industry

Oil is a lucrative fossil fuel that plays a critical role in the everyday existence of a human being. For the longest time, the Mexican oil industry has been run by the government and thus making it hard for foreign companies to join the energy market. Recently, the government has relented on its hard standings and has allowed foreigners to enter the oil business. As a result of the new reforms, numerous players have taken strategic positions to ensure they reap big from the rare opportunity. Talos Energy is one of the leading heavyweights in the oil industry that is prepared to enter the Mexican sector and take advantage of the government’s decision. The conglomerate entered into a partnership with Premier Oil Plc, and Sierra oil & Gas to start operations in Mexico.

The first foreign offshore well will be located in Sureste Basin.The well is referred to as Zama-1 and is estimated to contain between 100 and 500 million barrels of unexplored crude oil. According to Premier Oil Plc, the drilling works at Zama-1 should take less than 90 days, and they estimate it will cost $16 million. When the Mexican Government made their decision to open their oil industry to foreign companies, the three companies were the first to make their bid for the exploration rights, and they won during the first round.Talos Energy is among the most respected enterprises in the gas and oil exploration industry.

Talos is the brainchild of Tim Duncan and several other partners after they acquired equity worth over $600 million. The firm has a workforce of about 120 workers and is capable of producing more than 16,000 barrels of crude oil per day.For the period of Talos Energy has been operational, it has achieved several accomplishments that were previously reserved for experienced companies in the industry. The firm was ranked the best SME to work for by research company, Workplace Dynamics. Tim Duncan attributes these feats to the enterprise’s culture, workplace policies, and real structures. Talos Energy has allowed its employees to hold equity. This strategy has impacted a sense of ownership between workers and team players and has enabled the company to function as a unit.

Southridge Capital’s Services

Southridge Capital is a company that offers structured finance and advisory service to public companies. It offers a complete package of innovative financial solutions to help their customers meet their specific needs. Southridge Capital has a team of executives that have a deep market understanding as well as expertise in executing financial plans directly for their clients. Since 1996, the company has made a direct investment of over $1.8 billion.

Southridge is well aware of the challenges that growing companies face having dealt with over 250 companies. Their management team has the skills to consult on many issues such as individual financing techniques and enabling a company to perfect their operations. The end product is the optimization of profits. Some of the services offered under the advisory functions include designing projected financial statements and financial analysis.

The company also helps businesses to balance between equity and debt by application of mechanisms that allow a balance between the two. Southridge Capital also helps companies to undertake measures that better their restructuring outcomes. Structuring and negations are facilitated to enable companies to avoid bankruptcy. By defining the legal requirements, Southridge’s legal services help clients settle litigation. Check out Newswire to know more.

The structured finance service entails credit enhancing, financing solutions, and securitization. Many companies that highly need financing do not fully take advantage of opportunities available. Southridge collaborates with creditors to eliminate debt to help companies improve creditworthiness. The company’s structure is based on the level of liquidity in its stock without the need for minimal market impact and registration statement. This is known to have benefited the company highly.

Southridge enables companies to raise capital based on desire and wish by offering their Equity purchase agreement. Some of the products offered to clients include convertible stock, common stock, and convertible debentures. The management of the company is made of individuals who are experts in their respective departments. The CEO of the company is Mr. Stephen Hicks, and Mr. Narine Persaud is the CFO.

The company promotes community leadership, and volunteer work as it believes this is the right way to impact the larger society positively. The company has partnered with the Daystar Foundation to provide financial support to many organizations. These firms include Ridgefield Community Centre, Save A Child’s Heart Foundation, Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and the Ridgefield Sunrise. Southridge takes it as a personal mission and a corporate responsibility to support social causes. You can visit their Twitter page.

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Todd Lubar Talks About The Benefits Of Smart Homes To Investors

In the recent years, there has been an increase in demand for smart homes. People are looking for homes that can detect the walking patterns of its occupants and automatically adjust light. These homes are designed to simplify the lives of those who invest in them.

The exact extent of smart features that comes with a home may vary from modest to elaborate systems. For instance, some smart homes come with high-tech toilets that are capable of detecting health problems and alerting one’s doctor. These futuristic features are now available and investors have the option of investing in homes having such modern facilities. Todd Lubar is one of the investors who are keen to make such investments.

A number of factors drive the need for smart homes. People are looking for technologies that enable them to undertake different actions instantly. With automatic adjustment of lighting and temperature of rooms, one will not need to handle the switches or air conditioning systems. The desire for safe living environment is also driving the popularity of smart homes. There is no need to go back to the house to turn off any appliance that one had forgotten. With smart homes, individuals will be able to turn it off from a screen. Moreover, the smart systems are compatible with Siri and Alexa.

In a report by Hackronym, in the recent years, many home builders have been focusing on developing connected homes. The homes have with standard smart features. Smart homes like Quadrant Homes in Bellevue, Washington, have ring motion-detecting doorbells, nest thermostats, Caseta Wireless smart lighting, and Lutron automatic window shades. Check out Ideamensch for more details.

Seattle city has the highest concentration of smart technology and innovations in the US. The city and its environs have attracted both established and new tech companies. This has helped the city to attract a large number of college graduates who love smart technologies. Quadrant is one of the smart homes in the area. Irrespective of one’s education, a homeowner can easy understand the features used in the smart homes.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a renowned real estate entrepreneur. Presently, Todd is zeroing in on investing on smart homes. The real estate expert is the President of Global Ventures LLC. He is also the vice president of the renowned Legendary Investments.

Lubar is ranked among the best 25 mortgage originators in the US. Through Global Ventures, the shrewd investor has been able to invest heavily towards removing financial barriers to millions of Americans and potential homeowners. His company has been enabling many people to access credit.

Safeguard Your Future and Retirement through the Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy is a consultancy company that provides research services to help its customers reach their long-term goals. The company’s headquarters is in Winter Garden, Florida. Its mission is to help its client meet their desired goals whether health, wealth, peace, happiness or even early retirement. The Midas Legacy fulfills its clients’ goals by having specialists and experts in different fields including stockbrokers, authors, entrepreneurs, physicians and top professionals in other fields.

The Midas Legacy provides wealth based research that helps its customers grow and manage their money. Clients receive a free handbook known as Midas Code when they join the company. The Midas Code consists of useful tips from authors, entrepreneurs, and investors on how to excel in multiple areas in life such as real estate, health, retirement, finance, etc.

Their experts Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Michael Edwards offer consulting services to clients to help them earn a fulfilling life. To most people, a fulfilling life includes wealth building and a clean bill of health. Jim Samson is an investment expert on trading and real estate. He helps grow clients’ portfolio. Sean Bower is an author as well as an investment expert and as such makes his contribution on the Midas Legacy website with his insights on investments. Michael Edwards, on the other hand, is a natural physician. He knows natural cures and remedies that work just as well if not better than over-the-counter prescriptions.

Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and advises its clients to create more jobs to empower others. The Midas Legacy also helps people think outside the box. They help people find alternative solutions to different problems when they have tried solutions that have failed them. All this is made possible through both their wealth of research material and experienced professionals in various fields.

The Midas Legacy is also strong on CSR. They give back to the community through donations and initiatives. For example, Florida Sheriffs Association has benefitted from the Midas Legacy through its contributions. The Give Hope Foundation has benefitted from the company’s contributions enabling it to help mitigate childhood cancer.

Midas Legacy has supported St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help them fight cancer among other diseases. The other foundations that have benefitted from The Midas Legacy’s CSR include the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty and the Salvation Army.

Apart from providing top class consultancy services, the Midas Legacy has excelled by paying attention to its clients; something many institutions are guilty of not doing.

Prosperity and happiness from working with The Midas Legacy

Eventually, you will retire from working hard to provide for your family. More than likely you wish you could retire early and spend time doing what you really want to do. You can do this with the help of The Midas Legacy. The Midas Legacy is committed to ensuring the level of success you want for yourself. They have singular goal, to help you.

They are able to do this by offering capital to you if you have a strong desire to help others who are involved in finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, and natural health. They know that in giving to others you will receive, and in helping others in these business sectors you will be rewarded.

Consult with The Midas Legacy and see what they have to offer. When you become a member, you will be directed into certain business sectors of your choice. Your mentors are your guide to success.

The Midas Legacy has teams of experts that know their business. They are experts in the fields of finance, real estate, the stock market, and more. They have a common goal of helping you succeed.

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1 secret to more wealth & a longer lifespan

The Midas Legacy – Giving Back

Examples of experts that work within the group include those in natural health like Mark Edwards. He is the one the huge drug companies don’t want you to become involved with. Mark can show you the secrets of living life healthy and without expensive medications the drug companies want to you to buy. He knows you can live healthier, the natural way.

Sean Bower is another expert with The Midas Legacy. He is an extremely successful business author who has written many articles for The Midas Legacy on how you can unlock your secrets to financial success.

Another would be Jim Samson. Jim is a very successful real estate entrepreneur and renowned author. He has approximately 20 years in the business of real estate that he brings to the group.

The Midas Legacy is generous in the community. They donate to worthy charities like the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Project. Their generous donations even go further.

You can live a life of happiness. You can live the dream of retiring with the money you need to live care-free, and with the natural healthy lifestyle you need.

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