Andrew Rolfe: The wheel behind the Ubuntu Education Fund

Andrew Rolfe, chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, hosted 300 attendees during the 10th Annual Gala of the Ubuntu Fund last May. Mr. Rolfe treated the guests to a glamorous evening of various culinary dishes and live music performed by a Xhosa choir. Inspiring speeches were also part of the night’s activities.

The Ubuntu Fund team had prospected to raise $972,960 during this event. The money from the event would be used in expanding the student’s capacity at the campus in Port Elizabeth. The organizers are working on some projects among them the pediatric clinic which is part of the school. They also plan on creating more opportunities for the less privileged children in the locality.

The Ubuntu Education Fund

It is a non-profit based organization aimed at providing top notch health and educational support to disadvantaged children of Port Elizabeth in S. Africa. Its mission is to help raise orphaned and vulnerable children by providing them with everything they need. The Ubuntu organization, established in 1999, started out as a small charity that focused on providing educational supplies. Ubuntu has now over 2000 children with 132 of them under university scholarships. It is headed by founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jacob Lief.

A student beneficiary from the Ubuntu Fund, Sinesipho Rabidyani, gave her inspiring life story during the Gala event. Her story undoubtedly proved that with the provision of basic needs, children could realize their dreams and ambitions in life.

About Andrew Rolfe

Mr. Andrew Rolfe is the Ubuntu Education Fund’s current Chairman. He also holds a managerial position at Towerbook Capital Partners. His specialty at the company is in hospitality, retail, acquisition of food services and investing in opportunities. He attended Harvard School of Business, where he studied administration and business economics and later got his master’s degree in 1992. At the Oxford University, he also acquired a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in 1988.

Before joining Towerbook and the Ubuntu Education Fund, Rolfe was in charge of leading Gap Inc., the Clothing Brand, into an international market. Andrew also worked with many companies including True Religion Apparel, J. Jill, and Beverages& More, Inc. He has showcased his impeccable leadership skills in his previous work, and this makes him a valuable asset to the Education Fund.