Role Played by Kaye Scholer in representing IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide is a company that provides contingency support, technical services, management services and support services. IAP Worldwide Services avails its services to clients such as the US military, governmental agencies, commercial enterprises and humanitarian groups. IAP, previously owned by Johnson Worldwide services, played a significant role in providing support for the army during multiple Iraqi operations. The company ensured efficient service of the military in Afghanistan during its acquisition of freedom. IAP currently operates in more than 120 different parts of the world.

IAP acquires new business units

IAP Worldwide Services was happy to announce the acquisition of two major business units under DRS technologies. The units include an Aviation and Logistics department and a Tactical Communication and Networking Solutions unit. While TCNS specializes mainly in aviation, logistics, and mission support, Aviation majors in IC and provision of communication services to the US military. According to the IAP Worldwide Services’ CEO Doug Kitani, the two new units are set to help the company create a competence through their main website. The units are part of the company’s long-term strategy for growth and development.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

The new units are also set to increase IAP’s ability to deliver quality and personalized services for each customers. So far, the company has noted that its customer base has doubled. The new units are set to be integrated into a single unit known as the Aviation and Engineering Solutions. The new units form a natural fit for IAP and will improve the nature of services offered by the company. IAP Worldwide Services has always been a step ahead to improve its services and expand solutions to both nongovernmental and governmental organizations.

Kaye Scholer and IAP

Kaye Scholer acted as an administrative agent that helped in the restructuring of IAP Worldwide Services. IAP required a debt for equity when out of court restructuring. Kaye Scholer served mainly as the administrative agent that dealt with legal issues. He has also represented a group of lenders in other companies.


IAP Worldwide acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. The acquisition saw the company renamed to IAP Worldwide Services. It expanded its services to include infrastructure management services for the government. By the year 2006, IAP acquired additional units such as a leading engineering company in Britain known as G3 Systems. Today, IAP Worldwide avails its services to the US government. The company has contracts with the government worth over $370 million. IAP has become a leading defense contractor in the world largely because of its excellence in services. IAP solves several complex logistical problems and responds to environmental changes.

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