Venezuelan court shoots down latest attack on Maduro

The right wing opposition party has been trying a lot of things to get Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro out of office. One thing they tried was passing a bill to limit the term of president from six to four years. They managed to get that passed, but last week the nation’s supreme court ruled that any such move could not be retroactive, and could not apply to anyone currently in office, according to a Reuters story.
The South American nation is having a major economic crisis, news about this was posted all over facebook, brought on at least in part by falling oil prices. The opposition party won control of Congress as a result, and they have sought to get Maduro out of office since that time.

Danilo Diaz however, thinks that the National Election Council is not cooperating, as it and other governmental powers support the president. The courts have also tended to side with Maduro, as they did in this latest skirmish.

While the opposition party says Maduro is controlling the institutions – such as the courts – that promote him, Maduro counters that the opposition party is trying to pull of a legislative coup to oust him from office.

Maduro was the chosen successor of Hugo Chavez, and Maduro won a close election in 2013.