Shervin Pishevar points to large competitive advantage of China

Shervin Pishevar has become one of the most renowned venture capitalists of the last two decades. His firm, Investment company, has been behind the formation of some of the top names in the tech industry, including Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb.

When Shervin Pishevar is not busy building and financing the most successful companies in the tech industry, he runs one of the most heavily followed Twitter feeds of any figure in Silicon Valley. His more than 100,000 followers look forward to his opinions on a wide range of topics.

In a recent tweet storm that lasted nearly 21 hours, Shervin Pishevar broached the topic of America’s failing relative competitiveness relative to other great powers like China. He said that some of the frictions that exist within the U.S. systems simply don’t exist at all in the Chinese economy. And this, he says, is likely to lead to the eventual permanent loss of global hegemony of the United States. In fact, argues Shervin Pishevar, it may eventually lead to the total ruination of the country and its descent into Third World status.

Shervin Pishevar says that the monocultural China, which is dominated almost exclusively by the highly intelligent and capable Han people, has none of the huge problems of diversity that the United States is currently grappling with. He says that this is evident in everything from manufacturing to the navies of both countries. Shervin Pishevar points to recent severe embarrassments caused by U.S. Navy capital ships running into other vessels and otherwise demonstrating shockingly incompetent seamanship. Pishevar says that these incidents were probably attributable largely to diversity among sailors and the ever-lowering standards for entrance into critical positions within the U.S. Armed Forces.

He says that global rivals like China and Russia are quietly belly laughing at these flubs, preparing for the day when U.S. carrier groups are simply unable to defend against the serious and highly competent militaries of the East, which still have enormously high and rigorous standards for their officer classes.

Pishevar says that the United States is increasingly becoming a vast global joke.

Jacob Gottlieb Rises Again From the Ashes

Jacob Gottlieb Rises Again From the Ashes

Jacob Gottlieb, former chief investment officer of the infamous Visium Asset Management, has re-ignited his interest in putting up a hedge fund again. This is after in 016 he was snared into insider trading allegations that saw him shut down his firm after they were found to be employing malpractice in the firm. When everybody in the investment community thought that he was down and out, he has risen again from the ashes to take another swing at the business. Visium closed its doors after employees were found guilty of maliciously raising the value of assets, mismarking as well as taking part in insider trading.

Gottlieb survived the ordeal after being no evidence of his involvement in the scandal was discovered. In an interview, he expressed his love for investing and says he finds it second nature especially after doing it since his teenage years and even admits that he will still do it for the rest of his life. Currently, he has a family holdings company known as Altium Capital that is tasked with managing his wealth and has only six employees. The firm having the DNA of Visium is mostly tasked with investing in stocks and to narrow down those of the health sector.

In the two years after the collapse of Visium, he has not had the luxury of taking it easy as he was personally responsible for liquidating the portfolios that he had acquired. This saw him work two years without pay as he tried to do it as efficiently as he could. Mr. Gottlieb who is currently a medical doctor has revealed that now is the right time for him to get back in the game. His new plan of offering a healthcare hedge fund seems to be his good luck charm after his unfortunate encounter.

Fortress Investment Group as the First Private Equity Firm to be Traded Publicly

Fortress Investment Group has portrayed a trait of being trendsetter since it was established in 1998 as a non-publicly traded firm. In 2007, it raised its investment capital via offering for the first time its stock to the public hence being the first private equity company to trade publicly in the Stock Exchange Market of New York City. Currently, Fortress is an international investment firm that manages assets which are more than $43 billion for investors who exceeds 1,750. It uses risk-adjusted income strategy for the benefit of its investors. Also, its headquarters are situated in New York City with a capacity of more than 900 employees.

Fortress Investment Group establishment became prosperous due to the joint effort of Wes Edens, Randal Nardone as well as Peter Briger. Fortress achieves one of its core expertise of being an asset founded Investment; it is through private equity and Debt funds. Therefore, the firm has unique knowledge in areas like managing, pricing and owning the physical and financial properties. In operations management, it has built up robust tools for taking out value directly from the complex investments that it makes. It succeeds in assessing operational, structural, and facts prevailing on the ground via proper management of its portfolios.

For more than two decades since Fortress Investment Group was established, it has natured experts who can proficiently manage the mergers and acquisitions. Also, it has experts in securing funding through equity and debt markets. Fortress has acquired much experience concerning the Financial Industry due to working and controlling portfolio firms and most of its employees especially the founders came along with skills and knowledge that they learned from their previous workstations such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management.

In 1999, Fortress Investment Group launched Fortress Investment Fund 1, and its first investments were via real estate in the Toronto and New York City markets, and with time it enlarged to credit securities and hedge finances. Between 1999 and 2006, it experienced an exponential growth of 40 percent in its private equity. Well, as Wes Edens and Randal Nardone continue to dedicate themselves for the firm fully, on the other hand, Rob Kauffman decides to pursue his life-long interest after serving Fortress for fifteen years. In 2002, Fortress leadership got a new boost after two key players are employed. One of the players was Peter Briger, who ensured that the firm transitioned from being single to an alternative asset manager.

Matt Badiali Is Teaching Others To Invest Freely

Matt Badiali hasn’t been involved in the investment industry for the entirety of his career since he originally started out studying Geology at the Universty of Pennsylvania. Matt Badiali even followed this course through to his masters and doctorate in Geology before he eventually started traveling around the world to study the natural resources and geology of different regions. During this time, Matt Badiali was traveling with a financial expert buddy of his, which ended up turning him over to the financial industry after saying he had a knack for it. Matt did great on his first investing attempt, which opened the door for many more opportunities and Matt all but left Geology behind. Matt’s deep understanding of the geology of various regions around the globe as well as the natural resource markets from his travels has made him a leading expert in investment industry for commodities.

Matt Badiali is still active in the investment game, taking his time to research as much as possible, but he mostly gets to work through his writing at Banyan Hill. Matt works as a expert senior editor for Banyan Hill writing a weekly newsletter for thousands of investors. On a regular basis, Matt is working to inspect the markets and gather as much information as possible so that he can inform his readers of the opportunities that are available to them. Much like the other financial experts on the platform, Matt Badiali offers his readers his own strategies for investing in the stock markets as well as how they can invest safely to make money every single month. New and old investors alike can benefit from Matt Badiali’s newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, which comes out on a weekly basis on Banyan Hill Publishing.

According to Matt, If investing is a little outside of an individuals range, there is always investing in freedom checks as well, which is a relatively new way for people to invest into the natural resources market to make a monthly paycheck for little investment cost.

Conquering Challenges with Louis Chênevert

Born in Montréal, Louis Chênevert is a legend in the world of Canadian business. Throughout his career, he’s found ways to make his presence felt in a number of industries. He’s even become well-known in the States.


Chênevert was educated at HEC Montreal, the oldest business school in Canada. After graduation, he got his career started at General Motors Canada. He ended up staying there for 14 years, working his way up the ranks. Following that experience, Louis Chênevert found himself at Pratt & Whitney Canada. After seven years there, he departed for United Technologies Corporation.


UTC was an interesting challenge for Chênevert, but one he was wildly successful at. He joined the UTC team as COO in 2006. By 2008, he was CEO. UTC is a multinational corporation that has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. In this role, it was necessary to be able to think long-term. At times, Chênevert was charged with creating 30-year plans.


Much of this was due to the nature of UTC’s clients. They include military forces from around the world. In making airplane engines, it’s important to make something durable that can stand the test of time. Safety is also a huge consideration.


Two of the most important things Chênevert did at UTC were managing personalities and nurturing talent. UTC is a big ship. Everyone wants to be involved in steering it. Every single client wants to be heard, too. Louis Chênevert’s people skills were crucial in keeping everyone informed and happy.


Talent is particularly important in a business like UTC. The best engineers are needed to create the best products. If they’re going to stick around, those people will also need to feel heard and acknowledged. Again, Chênevert excelled in doing this.


Chênevert credits his listening skills and ability to follow-through as keys to his career success. He knows that C-level executives can best achieve efficiencies by listening to their employees.

How Talos Energy is Making Significant Contribution to the Mexican Oil Industry

Oil is a lucrative fossil fuel that plays a critical role in the everyday existence of a human being. For the longest time, the Mexican oil industry has been run by the government and thus making it hard for foreign companies to join the energy market. Recently, the government has relented on its hard standings and has allowed foreigners to enter the oil business. As a result of the new reforms, numerous players have taken strategic positions to ensure they reap big from the rare opportunity. Talos Energy is one of the leading heavyweights in the oil industry that is prepared to enter the Mexican sector and take advantage of the government’s decision. The conglomerate entered into a partnership with Premier Oil Plc, and Sierra oil & Gas to start operations in Mexico.

The first foreign offshore well will be located in Sureste Basin.The well is referred to as Zama-1 and is estimated to contain between 100 and 500 million barrels of unexplored crude oil. According to Premier Oil Plc, the drilling works at Zama-1 should take less than 90 days, and they estimate it will cost $16 million. When the Mexican Government made their decision to open their oil industry to foreign companies, the three companies were the first to make their bid for the exploration rights, and they won during the first round.Talos Energy is among the most respected enterprises in the gas and oil exploration industry.

Talos is the brainchild of Tim Duncan and several other partners after they acquired equity worth over $600 million. The firm has a workforce of about 120 workers and is capable of producing more than 16,000 barrels of crude oil per day.For the period of Talos Energy has been operational, it has achieved several accomplishments that were previously reserved for experienced companies in the industry. The firm was ranked the best SME to work for by research company, Workplace Dynamics. Tim Duncan attributes these feats to the enterprise’s culture, workplace policies, and real structures. Talos Energy has allowed its employees to hold equity. This strategy has impacted a sense of ownership between workers and team players and has enabled the company to function as a unit.

Highland Capital Treats Investors as an Important Part of Their Company

When Highland Capital starts working with new clients, they know these clients are the reason they can make their business better. They also know people have a better chance at a successful future if they can do everything the right way when it comes to investing their money. For Highland Capital, the point of doing all this is making sure people can see there are different things that will help them. They also know what it means to give back in different situations. As long as the company has been in the business, they’ve been helping others and showing them the right options they need. It’s their goal to treat all their clients the same way no matter what they have to do to make things better for their clients. There are things that will keep working for them and things that will keep being the best opportunities possible. Read more about Highland Capital at

While the company spends a lot of time learning about investment techniques, they know it means a lot to their clients to keep doing things the right way. For years, the business kept working hard and kept doing things right. It was their way of providing people with the things they could get from investments. As long as they trusted in the experiences people worked on, Highland Capital would keep making sure everyone got exactly what they needed from the business. It was their goal of giving back that helped them see there were things they could do to help all their clients.


For years, the company has kept working toward positive experiences for each of their clients. They know what they want, they focus on giving them positive things and they always give back no matter what issues people have. Even though there are some issues with investing, Highland Capital doesn’t have those issues. In fact, the company knows that issues shouldn’t cause them to lose out on business. They want to see their clients be happy and see them make things easier on themselves because of their experience with helping others through the things that will keep getting better no matter what. Visit to know more.