Kamil Idris Speaks on Ways to Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Kamil Idris addresses that IP’s has importance when it comes to economic development. He says Ip when it comes to economics has meaning to all countries. A countries political agenda on a national scope determines the benefits of Ip use. He says there are a number of factors like the commitment to Ip development, respecting the rights of Ip, and being aware of its potential. Kamil Idris also says the need for skilled workers who are creators and innovators really matters.

Kamil Idris was asked what was being done about the pitfalls of IP due to globalization?

Professor Idris says the pitfalls are piracy, and counterfeit, along with a high percentage of backlogs in regards to the processing of applications (patent apps). Just being able to distribute works over the internet whether having the right to or not has caused copyright piracy. Professor Idris says the manufacturing of counterfeit goods has seen enormous growth. This growth in counterfeit goods and the distribution of these goods has large social, human and economic cost. Professor Idris considers this a major problem and thinks that stakeholders need to tackle this with great effort. Kamil Idris believes WIPO will help conquer these problems at many levels.

WIPO (World International Property Organization) was created to protect copyrighted material in the digital realm. WIPO also acts as a forum for countries to come together and share their knowledge, and to pinpoint opportunities and mandate procedures.

When it comes to product development, it is more easily identified because communication has created greater opportunities for scientific and technological information to be accessible. This information comes from patent documents which Professor Idris considers to be an untapped resource. He says that economic and technological development has the chance for huge growth.

Patent applications have blossomed and globalization is the fuel behind the need for new markets, better products, and greater technology. He says that finding common ground between the international community is important. Professor Idris believes WIPO provides the forum to conversate about better IP services.