Tips On How To Succeed In Life By Dr. Saad Saad

It’s a fact that the more you live, the more life experience you gain. You can have bad experiences, good experiences, and everything in between. Pediatrician and thoracic surgeon Dr. Saad Saad has lived a very full life and has had a lot of rewarding life experiences.


He has a few pieces of advice to give readers, so they can be successful in their lives. It’s all about seizing the moment and not procrastinating. Don’t wait for tomorrow to complete a task, but just do it today. You may reason with it in your head but it does nothing for you in the end. This can manifest in larger ways including putting off your career, going to the doctor, or changing your life for the better. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come. There is no such thing. Doing tasks today instead of tomorrow has worked out very well for Dr. Saad Saad. It keeps him productive. This is how he has accomplished so much in his career as a pediatrician. He has invented and improved two new patents, helped over 1,000 children with much needed surgeries, been on 12 medical missions, worked for Saudi Royalty, and the list goes on.


Dr. Saad Saad has another important piece of advice for readers to succeed in business. It’s about being persistent about your dreams and not stopping at anything until you achieve it. This is the difference between successful people and people who who don’t succeed. Dr. Saad Saad says to not accept anything less of your dreams and success. Keep pushing forward and stay positive. Persistence is key when trying to build a life for yourself. Dr. Saad Saad is a prime example of this. He learned a lot of valuable lessons from his own father about how to succeed in the world. He has taken these lessons to heart and have applied them to his own life and career. His father had to overcome many barriers back in their home country of Palestine. After moving to Kuwait, things got better. He advised his son to get a proper education so others would respect him. Dr. Saad Saad worked hard and graduated with a medical degree from Cairo University. He used this determination, passion, and persistence to achieve his dreams of becoming a successful pediatrician. Saad Saad has even won awards in his almost five decades as a pediatric surgeon. He won a Humanitarian Award in 2010 by PCRF and the Governor of Ramallah from Ministry of Health presented Dr. Saad Saad an award based on his humanitarianism. He has also been acknowledged at a compassionate doctor by his patients from the hospitals he worked in New Jersey where he lives.¬†Learn more :¬†