Adam Milstein’s Meme Contest

On Friday 4th August 2017, Milstein Family Foundation will launch the Milstein Meme Competition. Adam and Gila Family Organization will start accepting submissions at 6.00 a.m. The foundation will award meme makers who bring out the fun and funny pro-Israel activism side. The memes will entail shareable and entertaining images. The Milstein Meme Competition will create a platform for many pro-Israel to show case their skills in creating memes and will win cash prizes of up to $2,000.

Dramatic, funny and poignant memes are a cultural activity for Gen Z and Millennial. The contest is set to solicit one of the most known forms of memes internet known as image macros. Image macros are composed of images, videos, hash tags, and websites that are viral on the social media platform. With the contest, there will be the creation of meme stash from local and classics including Bad Luck Brian Macros to the latest trending memes like Snapchat and MS Paint tributes.

Adam Milstein postulates that the competition will help individuals express their love and support for Israel in a fun environment. Adam considers panelists as the foremost authorities in meme creation and sharing. Also, college and high school students are the most recognized and stable meme innovators. Public opinion will be valued throughout the voting period. The voting period will commence on the third day of August at 5.a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Each participant will present up to five memes.

Adam Milstein put into consideration all individuals who will be voting. The chosen form of voting will be via Facebook with various expressions for the memes including like, love or sad among others. The voting will then close on August 14 at 12.00a.m. After that, the contest’s winners will be chosen by college and high school student panelists. The cash prizes will be awarded categorically to eighteen overall winners. The grand winners’ recognition will be on August 17.

Adam Milstein is an Israel native. Being a community leader, Adam Milstein’s will impact the people of Israel positively. Adam’s philanthropic attribute is focused on strengthening the Israel State. Besides that, Adam Milstein is the current managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein leads the firm in the management of its properties.