Neurocore: Therapy and Career Opportunity

If you have ever had a hard time staying focused during repetitive tasks or calming yourself down when you need to, you are not alone. That is why people seek the Neurofeedback from Neurocore, because sometimes the brain just has a mind of its own. Neurocore aims to help people stay calm and focused by assisting them to control their thought patterns and fine-tuning their brains. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

A Neurofeedback therapy session starts with someone sitting in front of a screen with electrodes attached to their scalp over conductive gel. To build a map of the brains regular activity, a baseline EEG reading will be done first. As the neurons in the brain are in constant communication, this will be fed through the electrodes and on to the monitoring software. The machines can then be programmed to reward certain waves produced in the brain that someone is striving for. A pleasant audio clip or image will appear on the screen in the attempt to train the brain. If the waves go in the opposite direction, the reward will fade away enacting a pattern in the brain to keep certain waves generated.


Not only does Neurocore offer a great service, they also offer a great career. What a lot of people like about working for Neurocore is the opportunity to grow fast in company, and the fact that it is so organized and ran so well. People who have worked for Neurocore also say it’s a fun work environment and everyone collaborates well. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.