Saving Cellphone Bills, One User at A Time

In our day and age, one of the most frustrating realities we have to deal with is the high cost of cellphone usage. For many young people, the high price of having a cellphone from the major carriers can swallow up their small budget. The necessity of having a device to communicate with friends and employers makes having a cellphone essential. Seeing a market opportunity, FreedomPop felt that it was good to help the common man by offering a new type of cellphone plan. This FreedomPop review will hopefully help the reader see the benefits of the latest cellphone provider in a practical way.

FreedomPop is based in Los Angeles, California, where it was founded in 2011. It relies on Sprint’s cellphone network to support its business.

Thinking through cellphone plans carefully, the founders of the company settled upon a 200 voice minute for free principle. This would allow a tired mother to communicate with her husband for more than 3 hours at absolutely no cost to her. The system also offers 500 text messages for your phone, so you can stay updated with the latest happenings at work without worrying about the price.

They hope that this low price will be bait for their other plans, which come at a small cost, such as an excellent $5 Wi-Fi Service. The organization is able to apply its helpful technology by relying on Wi-Fi internet connections. This gives it fewer maintenance issues than the large carriers have.

Throwing the bait out there might help some of the cellphone consumers see there are other options besides being ruled by large networks. The company has Intel as one of its major corporate backers. Since they are a private company, so this gives them more flexibility to seize upon market opportunities than its larger publicly traded peers.

The Economist Magazine noted that FreedomPop is a “seriously attractive alternative” to large carriers.

Who Benefits Most From The New Plan At FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is the best place for people to go when they want to save money on their cell phones. It is the only company in the world that has free plans, and they make sure that people on paid plans are not paying that much. The plans are graduated, and they are very easy to understand. Someone who needs to save money on a phone should try FreedomPop, and now this development from Venture Beat could mean a lot.

Everyone who is trying to save money or lives in a disadvantaged area should make sure that they are on FreedomPop, and then they should sign up for WhatsApp when they get the phone. The app is a place where people can get all their texting and talking done with a special number, but it is also the place where people will have no data charge when they are doing talking and texting. Talking and texting will be practically free, and every user will save the data and minutes that they have on their plan.

The people who live in areas of the world where they cannot pay for phones will get FreedomPop for less, and they will get WhatsApp for free. Anyone who knows that they have high er cell phone needs should think really hard about how they will make use of WhatsApp, and then they can stay on FreedomPop for as long as they want. They can keep WhatsApp, and they can use it on any phone they please. That is the best way for people to get the results they want, and it is sometimes the only way someone can save money. WhatsApp and FreedomPop are more functional than anything, and they are much easier to use than any of the other competitors on the market.

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Skout Friendships

Skout is a mobile-social iOS app, from the company also known as Skout, that allows its users to meet new people, make friends and share pictures. Sign up is relatively easy using Facebook or a valid email address. Basic information is used to create a profile that customizes the user’s experience by displaying only people of possible interest to them.

The mail screen shows who is currently online and users can view another person’s profile by tapping on an image. They can use points to interact in various ways with another user. Some actions do not require points. Some of the actions include wink, start a chat, add to favorites list, send a virtual gift or leave comments and likes on posts.

Points are an in app currency. They can be purchased or earned. Earning points can be done by engaging with advertisers, or by convincing people to view private “backstage photos.”

Some of the common complaints from AppStore reviews are there doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual conversation happening, and that is costs points to do some basic actions. As with any social networking app there are fake profiles, pouting teenage girls, and men with only one word comments.

Skout is a competent social networking app for people to engage with others of similar interests, but may not be the best option. It seems better for people to use a mobile social network that is completely free instead of one that focuses on monetization rather than socialization.

Skout’s progress through the ranks can be followed with AppData. AppData tracks mobile and social apps and their developers.

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Recap of FreedomPop article

Everybody agrees that in order to have communication service whether it is radio, television (cable),or cell phones, you must have advertising. How it works is they charge their clients a monthly subscription fee for ad free services. What the mobile provider does is find a new revenue stream for the advertisers. Spotify allow their users to listen to music for free if they are willing to listen to an ad every few songs.

In the United Kingdom a mobile company called Three is working with another firm called Shine Technologies to handle mobile advertising on the network level. Three stated that they do not want to get rid of mobile advertising, but to give the clients more choices of the ads they receive. Another mobile company also in the United Kingdom, called Blyk came up with an ingenious way to control ads by proposing to their customers free cell phone calls and text if they a watched certain a number of specific ads during the day.

One such company is Aquto which works with AT&T to stem the flow of advertising. AT&T clients can use the Data Perk apps to accumulate data of up to 1000MB per billing period to their AT&T account. One of the mobile providers that offer advertising as a new revenue stream is FreedomPop. What they do is offer a limited data, text, and voice allowance. Their clients are given the opportunity to update to a better plan in exchange for performing specific actions with the company’s advertisers. These actions could include completing a questionnaires,purchasing products or buying services. FreedomPop also offers unlimited access to its WI-fi network for five dollars a month.

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FreedomPop to Enter 25 New Markets Soon

FreedomPop is positioning itself to make a number of huge gains in the European market. Likely, after expanding its presence it Europe, FreedomPop is sure to start venturing into other areas of the world as well. More power to the company. The incredibly affordable deals for phone, text, and data make FreedomPop a startup worth keeping an eye on.

FreedomPop started in the United States, and the company later ventured into the United Kingdom. Currently, FreedomPop is working on closing deals with 25 carriers in 25 countries in order to offer service. (FreedomPop has to work with other carriers to deliver their service. In the U.S., the company is available through Sprint) As it looks right now, FreedomPop should finalize the deal and have service running by late March/early April of 2016.

The popularity of FreedomPop in the U.S. and the U.K. indicates the service will be a hit in all markets it enters. FreedomPop projects it will have a hold on 40% of the European market in due time.

Recently, FreedomPop raised $50 million in new investment funding. This brings the overall total of funds raised to $190 million. The new round of funding is, in part, intended to help establish a massive Wi-Fi hotspot through 25 countries. This would outright eliminate huge roaming charges.

FreedomPop changed the face of budget mobile service when it debuted totally free talk, text, and data. Customers only pay more when requesting expanded services. The success of the concept has led to exceptional growth.

Fierce Wireless has the entire story of the new inroads FreedomPop is making.

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