Clay Hutson and The Many Creative Ways He Leads in The Production Industry

Some professionals can’t take the heat of the challenges they face. They sometimes keel over at the slight presence of a risk. Sure, whatever industry you are in, it’s important to be active and persistent. One of the examples of these professionals is Clay Hutson, who’s a sound engineer and an impressive and time-tested production manager that has built a career out of being resilient and reliable.



The Services



The fact that Clay Hutson is both a sound engineer and production manager only means that he’s more than skilled to kill two birds with one stone. Some of the services that he offers include production designing, logistics management, rigging, monitor engineering and stage management. All of these are services in which he’s proven himself to be more than competent and efficient.



It takes a lot of leadership to be in the creative industry, especially because there are a lot of factors that nip one’s efforts in the bud. The good thing about Clay Hutson is that he’s able to address all of these in ways that deliver the answers that the client needs. He’s able to offer these solutions, too, in the most budget-friendly way possible. He can also offer packages to his clients so that his company becomes a one-stop shop for all event needs that a client wants.



Earlier Success



There has been a series of successful productions for which the skills and expertise of Clay Hutson are responsible for. One of these successes is the production he did for renowned artists, Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna. There could be a lot of factors that would’ve compromised the production concert, but thanks to the expertise in sound design that Clay Hutson was able to show, the show went as smooth as it should be.






Clay Hutson is probably excellent in the work that he does mostly because he sets his priorities right. Some of these priorities are safety and precision of the sound systems that he sets up. That said, with the kind of automation, paramount safety prevention, and precise sound system engineering that he guarantees, each client of Clay Hutson’s production team could ensure getting the top-most results. Indeed, he’s one of the creative professionals today that can be the best in the industry that he’s in without compromising the need of clients for good pricing. Learn more:



Norka Luque: Fulfilling Destiny

From the time Norka Luque was a child she knew that she was destined to be a singer. Born Norka Dubrazka Soraya Martinez Luque, the Venezuelan songstress spent her nights listening to music until she fell asleep. At the age of five, her parents noticed that she was naturally talented and encouraged her to follow her dreams. By the time she was eight, her passion and love for music became apparent when she gave a riveting performance in a Shakira-inspired musical production.

Later, Norka Luque practiced music, piano, ballet and Flamenco to prepare herself for a magnificent music career. A winner of many talent shows, she has proven that she has the drive to succeed. After graduating from high school, she moved to France to pursue studies in Business Administration. However, while she was pursuing her degree, her mind kept drifting to music. Fortunately, she was able to join a band called Bad Moon Rising, which kept her focused on her singing abilities while honing her musical talent.

Norka’s desire to bring hope to others through her music led her to move to the United States. While living in Miami, she met the renowned, Grammy-award winner, Emilio Estefan. He liked her music and produced her first album. Her first single, “Can I do it Tu,” has earned several awards and a nomination for the best pop female artist for Premios Lo Nuestro. The second single, Miracle, was also a big hit and stayed on the Latin Billboard charts for weeks. It’s a mixture of reggae and Caribbean sounds with a hint of Mediterranean influence. As Latino Show Magazine points out, Norka Luque performed at the Billboard event, she captivated the audience. Since then, her music has gained popularity in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Because of her hard work and dedication, Norka is gaining recognition across the globe. Luque says she wants to use music to make the world a better place. “We as artists have the great ability of bringing a positive message to our fans because the lyrics in our songs transport them to the deepest levels of emotions,” she said.

Norka “Como Lo Haces Tu” from Kenneth Alvarez / KAVE DIGITAL on Vimeo.