George Soros is the Sword against Trump

We can thank the philanthropist and billionaire George Soros for being a shield against incorrect and damaging conservative policies. This man, who is known as the bogeyman of the right, has stood against the evil that the GOP has long purported. George Soros understands that money can have a great impact on the political landscape of America. Because of this understanding, as well as being a billionaire, he has been able to throw around some financial muscle to make sure that the Republican Party is not able to gain control. This financial muscle can be seen in his army of lawyers who constantly look over the legislation that the Republican Congress wants to pass. These lawyers then informed George Soros if he needs to be worried. He also has an army of legislators who will go to Congress and advocate for leftist ideals. These legislators have done more to convince the world that leftism is a moral good then decades worth of Democratic presidents.

George Soros would get involved in politics on a greater scale during the 2004 presidential election. At this time, President George W. Bush, a right-wing Republican, was in charge of the White House. During the rule of this Republican, the United States of America entered into a war with Afghanistan in order to defeat the Taliban. Unfortunately, George W. Bush would lie to the people and use that as a springboard to attack the country of Iraq. George Soros could not tolerate any more lies from the Republicans. To stop George Bush from gaining the presidency again, George Soros gave $27 million to the Democratic Party to be used as they saw fit. The vast majority of that money went to a John Kerry and his campaign for the White House.

George Soros would also back Barack Obama in 2008. The world was shocked at the rise of this once unknown Senator from Illinois. However, the moment he took the podium he spoke into the heart and the soul of the American people and those who understand the world of politics knew that this man had a great chance of becoming the next president. Donors began flocking to Barack Obama. Because of that, George Soros did not donate as much money as he did in 2004. This time he only donated $15 million to the Democratic Party.

George Soros would return to the political landscape in 2016 when Hillary Rodham Clinton was taking on none other than Donald Trump. Donald Trump was by far the most racist, fascist, and intolerant president that George Soros ever seen. Soros could not let this madman sit in the Oval Office. Soros then back Hillary Clinton both financially and publicly. During this time, the DNC was nearly bankrupt and could only operate on a limited amount. George Soros gave the DNC $25 million so they could have the capacity needed to defeat Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Trump and the Republicans would go on to win that historic election and to learn more

End Citizens United-The Group Trying To Change The Future Of American Politics

The events that are happening in the country have been seen to be the direct result of the less stringent measures on who can and who cannot contribute to the political parties. It is a window that was opened in 2012 when FEC versus Citizens United case led to the approval of a law that allowed prominent organizations to act as individuals when contributing to the political activities and campaigns of various candidates. The latest from the group is that the 2016 election was profoundly flawed, and the Russians were not the only people who meddled with the results.

The speculation that the election results had been tampered with has been going on for some months. It is because everyone was very sure that Hillary was going to win, even the exit polls were indicating the same. It has taken the country close to a year to come to terms with the fact that the Republican is now in office.

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Various investigations have been going on about the involvement of the Russians in the elections. The first issue that the End Citizens United raises is the fact that even though technically, foreign bodies are prohibited from taking part in the contributions for the elections, it is close to impossible to enforce this law, and the truth is that it has not been applied in the past. There has been a trend of right-wing lawmakers doing away with the rules that were meant to ensure that no foreign money is used in the politics. The reality that the country is facing now is the fact that many wealthy people have more influence than they should on the politics of the day, and their impact is worsening the electoral process for the country.

It is close to impossible to determine how much money came from other countries in the 2016 elections. What is even more difficult to unravel is the number of people who were involved. However, the reality of the matter is that the constitution needs to be amended so that there can be a little bit of regulation on what is allowed and what is not allowed in politics.

These are the problems that End Citizens United wants to fix with the petition they are planning to take to the Supreme Court. They have collected the signatures and are hoping that they will manage to get the change that is needed in the country before the Congressional Mid-terms in 2018.

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Marco Rubio gets DeVos Family Backing

Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s push to be the Republican flag bearer in the 2016 US Presidential election got a massive boost recently. This is after West Michigan business honcho Dick DeVos indicated that he and his larger family are backing the candidate. In a one on one chat with a correspondent from The Detroit News, DeVos indicated that though the family initially supported Jeb Bush for the presidency, his withdrawal from the race made them shift their allegiance to Rubio.

The announcement was made ahead of the Michigan primaries, with Dick hoping that it would help the family galvanize enough support for the Senator before then. The DeVoses have also promised to donate significantly to the Senator’s push for the presidency. They will directly contribute to the campaign kitty or the campaign’s steering committee. The family will also use its extensive connections to rally other families and the general public to turn out in large numbers and support Rubio. 

Dick and Rubio have come a long way. They became acquainted in between 2006 and 2008 when the latter was the Speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives. Rubio in partnership with the governor at that time Jeb Bush helped pass a statute that allowed parents to have a wider variety of schools for their children. The DeVoses were dedicated to that noble cause, which increased access to education for kids in Florida. Dick hopes Rubio will build on his impeccable past to bring reform to the American society. 

Dick DeVos in Brief

He is an American of Dutch ancestry and was born on 21st October 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, thus his strong ties to the Netherland Institute. His parents are Richard DeVos and Helen DeVos. He is an alumnus of Northwood University, from where he has received a distinguished alumni award. From a young age, he was involved in the family business Amway, started by his father. This laid the background of his corporate career. At 19 years, he officially joined the family business where he held various management positions. By 30, he had risen to be one of Amway’s Vice Presidents and was responsible for the firm’s setups in 18 nations.

Besides business, he supports the Republican Party and heavily vouches for its candidates. He is also engaged in philanthropy with his wife Betsy through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, of which he is the president. Its supports different noble causes around the globe.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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