Why Securus Technologies is Vital in Crime Prevention

When you work as a fugitive hunter, each hour you are not arresting a suspect means they are out on the streets putting a community in danger. This month we were hunting a particular suspect who was extremely violent, you never knew when he would stab a teller or beat a store clerk. The sooner we found our suspect, the sooner a community could relax again.


We knew exactly who we were hunting, the problem was he dropped off the radar after each crime. He did not have family in this area, and we were not sure if he had a network of friends or if he was simply great at staying off the radar. These are the hardest cases to close because you can not reach out to family, friends, or informants to provide help. My instincts told me he was getting help, and I knew just the place to drum up some information.


Inmates love to brag and talk about their crimes, and with the help of Securus Technologies, I was going to get them to talk without even realizing. The local prison has the latest Securus Technologies inmate telephone monitoring system installed, and it has been instrumental at helping officers curb their drug and weapons issues inside the jail. The LBS software can pick up specific chatter from inmates, so we decided to see if our fugitive was on the mind of anyone in that jail.


This fugitive has been in the news lately, and apparently he has many enemies too. When we heard one inmate talking about money that was owed, we knew we might have a lead we could follow up. The money was part of a fencing scheme, and once we identified all the players, we set a trap and our fugitive walked right in one day completely caught off guard.


Providing Answers for People with a Second Chance in Life

People with a second chance in life rarely get opportunities because the society judges them negatively. Only a few individuals can trust that they are reformed. It is hard for them to secure opportunities. The environment at the correction centers is not favorable for them because some of the centers do not have such facilities. Different stakeholders facilitate a conducive environment in the correction cells. Such institutions offer a solution to people who are left out and marginalized in the society. Securus Technologies is one of these institutions. They offer different solutions to the challenges faced by inmates while in prison and after they have served their jail terms. Solutions provided by the company impact the society positively.


Securus Technologies provides communication channels for the inmates. This enables them to communicate with their families while they are in the correction centers. They offer online accounts and mobile phones that enable the inmates to develop their relationships with their loved ones. These channels are unique and are able to meet the needs of both the inmates and their families. They offer the basic needs of the inmates that enable them to have a better life. They offer music gadgets and a website where they can download the songs so that they can be entertained. This enables them to have other activities that make them more positive in life. They also offer food for the inmates. This enables them to influence the economy that is created as a result of the correction centers.


The company also offers the inmates with accounts where they can save money. These accounts enable them to have a channel where they save money for the purpose of the future. This enables them to have better opportunities in the future. Securus Technologies also offers its services to more than 2000 correction points because their services are the best in the industry. The company has become credible in the industry.


Securus Technologies Offers Innovative Communications At an Affordable Price

Securus Technologies is providing a way for people to connect with one another through secure forms of communication, something that is becoming more difficult by the day. Unfortunately, many people are finding themselves communicating with others in which the devices they used to communicate are becoming unsecured. Hackers are taking advantage of the many loopholes that exist in many of today’s communication devices and programs, thus, making it necessary for people to opt towards using methods of communication that are more secure.


Securus Technologies is beneficial in another aspect aside from the safe and secure protocols of communications it provides. It also enables people to communicate with those who are incarcerated. This is a great valuable tool for anyone who may have a friend or family member in jail who they would like to speak with. Oftentimes, a jail proceeding occurs unexpectedly. In such a case, it is highly recommended for friends and/or family members to utilize the program that is available from Securus Technologies to speak with whoever may be incarcerated. Such an opportunity essentially enables one to visit an inmate from their very own home, eliminating the need to visit the jail to communicate with them. The rates that the program is available by are very low compared to similar products. Innovation has certainly taken the world by a storm, and Securus Technologies is another element of proof of that very fact of reality. Thus, it is highly recommended for individuals to ensure that they choose a program like Securus Technologies to communicate with friends and/or family. They have received BBB accreditation, making them a reliable company. Why spend a lot of money on communicating when you can do so for a fraction of the price? Securus Technologies is a company that incorporates fairness into all elements of its offerings.


Negative Remarks By GTL Makes Securus Technologies Mad

GTL angers Securus Technologies with a number of incorrect comments, and Securus Technologies fights back with a published article that documents how their technology is being used for the good of the world. They are a leader in public safety, and they want the public to know that what they do is good.


They are also putting out several commercials. The commercials will tell the public what they do, and how it benefits the various facilities that use their technology. When Securus Technologies wants the public to know what they do, they go to no end to prove it. They invited them to their headquarters in Dallas, TX to see for themselves. With the presentation that they are offering, the people will be able to see what they are working on, and how it will work. This is an opportunity that they can ask questions about the company also.


Securus Technologies is a company that is taking the lead in the public safety sector. They are able to make new technology on a weekly basis that will do even more than already is being done to protect the public. On a regular basis, they deal with over a million inmates with monitoring technology. They are always in demand with the government to work in their facilities to improve the conditions. In both the civil and criminal sectors of justice, they are experts. They are in demand in the country, and they are known and respected all across the globe. In the future, they want the world to be a safer place for everyone.

Customer Service From Securus Helped Me While I Was in Jail

I just learned the other day that Securus was given a BBB accreditation, and I was not surprised because of how well they worked with me when I was in jail. I know that that might sound strange, but I have been very lucky to work with Securus when I was in jail and talking to family. We had to make sure that we were all able to talk when I was in jail, but there were times in emergencies when I had to call family. Securus did this for me, and they wanted to help me to be sure that I could get calls out to my family.


I had to do this a lot of different times when I was in need, but I was always met by someone from Securus who helps me place the call. That was very good for me, and it helped me because I knew that I had to be sure that I could reach them even at the worst hours. Securus was open to me when I wanted to place these calls, and I knew that I could do better if I just asked to speak to an agent at Securus.


The Securus app has been good to my family because they all had it on their phones to call me. That was nice because we could stay on video and talk as much as we needed. I did this a lot until I got out, and I have told other families to do this because they were not calling before. I just wanted to be sure that I could stay in touch with family, and I am glad that Securus was ready to help me even when it was not very convenient. Communication helped me get through my prison sentence with Securus.