There are many brands of Purinastore‘s Beneful to choose from on the market. Not all of them are going to make the grade. Depending on the type of dog you have, not all of these brands will be the right fit.
Some brands are obviously preferred over others. The health of your dog is very important. Which is why you have to be extra careful about what you put in your dog’s mouth. We are here to discuss 4 brands that every dog owner should try at least once.

Purina Beneful Medleys Variety Pack Dog Food 12-3 oz. Cans

These cans are stocked with plenty of meats, veggies and whole grains. All of these are healthy and beneficial to your dog’s survival. Now these cans retail at a very generous price of $8.00.

You can’t find these cans at every store. You will have to do a Google search to see where they are located, in relation to where you live. It’s been given a 5 star rating by those who have tried it.

Purina Beneful Originals With Real Chicken Dog Food 31.1 lb. Bag

This one has got everything, especially when it comes to the meat. It’s all real meat, not the generic stuff. It’s been rated 5 stars. This one is just like the first one, not available at every store. It will cost you about $37.00. It’s a pretty big bag, so it’s worth it.

Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy Dog Food 6.3 lb. Bag

This one is for the little ones out there. It includes everything that a healthy puppy needs to grow. It retails for about $10, which is not bad. It’s available at lots of places, especially Walmart. If you are Walmart shopper, than you can pick it up there.

Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Dog Food, Simmered Chicken Medley – 10 oz tub

This one is good for dogs at any age. This one is all about the meat. Most dogs are meat lovers, so your dog is going to love this one. This one you can buy for about $2-3. If you want it shipped it will cost you about $12-13. It’s been given a 4-5 star rating.

If you want some more popular brands, you can visit the exclusive Beneful facebook page.

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Magic In A Bottle? That’s What They Say About WEN by Chaz

A recent article on Bustle.com talked about a girl who used the WEN cleansing conditioner on her fine hair and what her results were. This young lady saw all of the commercials and had to see if the hair care products lived up to the hype. Because her hair was fine she wondered if the product would work for her. According to the company these hair products work for every type of hair. Wen Cleaning Conditioners are really an all in one product. The Sephora Fig version delivers moisture and the bounce and shine every girl dreams of. So, how would this product work and would it be the magic in a bottle for this young lady? I already know the results, but, hang around and let’s review what really happened.

During the first day this girl admits she had a busy day and wanted a shower. So, she grabs the Wen product and places it on her unruly, dirty hair. She uses the minimum dose. She reports that her hair feels thicker even during the first use. She wakes up the next morning and finds her hair is already starting to get dirty around the roots. This was not normal for her. Perhaps it has something to do with WEN by Chaz Dean or the way it is reacting. She goes about her day and returns home to shower. She uses the hair care product and her hair seems to have the same effects as on day one. She is still worried because of how the product reacted. Having said that, she continues it’s use on day three. On day three she admits that she is impressed and she is starting to like this product because she is seeing great results.

To find out if your results will be the same, it is best to try the WEN Cleansing Conditioner for yourself and see how you like it.