A Few Things that Rocketship Education Employs for Success

Rocketship Education is a system of charter schools, or those that receive government grants but perform independently of local school boards, that was founded in California’s Bay Area in 2007. Rocketship, or RSED for short, consistency outperforms other schools in the 16 areas they operate in, despite being classified as a public school. Here are a few important aspects of performing well in education the system of administrators and teachers at RSED have learned in their first ten years of operation.

They’re proud of being public

Private schools require families to pay often-unaffordable sums of money every month for enrollment. While many statistics indicate that private schools often outperform their free, public counterparts, far too many children wouldn’t be able to enroll in school without being free – or, “public.” CEO Preston Smith‘s network of charter schools actually scores very high in relation to other public and private schools, all while embracing its public school status.

Segregating special needs students isn’t ideal

Students with special needs often have individualized education plans (IEPs) that are designed to best educate them. However, IEPs at most other schools leave these students out of regular classroom activities, instead stowing them away in specialized teachers’ classrooms. RSED focuses on a meaningful inclusion model of education, in which nearly every student with special needs spends more than four-fifths of their schooldays in classrooms focuses on general education, rather than making them feel bad about the characteristics they were born with by tucking them in special needs classrooms most, if not all, of their hours spent at school.

Teachers and administrators need to come from diverse backgrounds

Many schools strive to enroll students from many backgrounds, diversifying their demographics, something that looks good on paper, but not always in practice. Rather than placing emphasis on enrolling diverse groups of students, RSED compiles diverse groups of teachers and administrators, then enrolls students of varying backgrounds, to match.

Rocketship Education was founded in Redwood City in 2007. Their schools are located all over America, ranging from the nation’s capital to San Jose. RSED is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, benefiting the communities they operate in.