A Summary On The Real Estate Investor Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a household name, and it is tough not to associate him with real estate. He is a Dubai businessman and has gained recognition for his tremendous contribution towards the real estate industry.

As a graduate of the University of Washington, Sajwani started off as a Contracts Manager at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. However, his ambitions drove him to become an entrepreneur and start his own catering business. Through this venture, he was able to provide his services to the U.S Army during the Iraq War.

After some time, Hussain Sajwani discovered that there was a vacuum for hotels in Dubai and he built several in the mid-90s. He seriously ventured into the real estate industry in 2002 when he established DAMAC Properties. The company’s headquarters are in Dubai. It has grown to be one of the largest companies involved in property development.

His company is involved in developing luxury and commercial properties. The company has had involvement in property development in cities like Dubai, Amman, Jeddah, London and much more. Hussain Sajwani is the Chairman of his company, and through his leadership, he has recorded tremendous profits. The company is publicly listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

The Hussain Sajwani family has been involved in numerous projects with critical investors. One of them is Donald Trump. Together with Trump, Hussain helped develop the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai which has luxury villas. The villas have recorded sales of around $2 billion.

For Hussain Sajwani, his enthusiasm in entrepreneurship may have been from his father who was involved in importing stuff from China. Sajwani has been on the forefront in ensuring that he networks with other influential businesspeople that are of help to the business. His company, through its business model has worked tirelessly to provide high-quality properties.

Sajwani has been involved in providing financial support to the younger generation. He has a firm belief that the youth are the ones who contribute majorly to the future. Building a foundation for them helps increase their chances of prosperity. Mr. Sajwani is not yet done. He believes that the company has more potential for growth.


How Adam Milstein is Using Philanthropy to Create Solutions to His Community

In the words of Adam Milstein, “to understand the issue yourself –one cannot rely on other people. Be part of the solution. Understand the problem and contemplate the issue.” Concisely, this statement summarizes Adam’s daily life. Despite owning one of the largest real estate development company, Hager Pacific Properties, Mr. Milstein has committed to solving the challenges facing his fellow Israel countrymen living in America and he is taking the front seat.

Adam moved to the US in 1981 as a student. Before pursuing his dreams of higher education, Mr. Milstein had served his country as an IDF during the famous Yom Kippur War where he also graduated from its institute in 1978. Immediately after jetting in America, Adam Milstein was admitted to the University of South California where he pursued an MBA degree. With no well-paying jobs at the table, Adam resorted to working as a commercial real estate broker, a position that later saw him acquire a breadth of knowledge to start his own company.

Business aside,Mr. Milstein is deeply engaged in philanthropy and at the heart of his works is his Israel community in the US. Partially, Adam’s dedication to helping his community comes from the experiences of his wife while migrating to the US. Most immigrants are defenseless thus making them vulnerable in their new environments.

Through organizations such as the Israeli-American Council where Mr. Adam is a co-founder and also one of the board members, Adam helps improve the life of his community through policies. The Israeli-American Council is an organization that seeks to ensure that the Israel community is represented in job opportunities and also government positions. It also conducts public education where it teaches the community about their rights and freedoms.

Adam is also passionate about education. Through Sifriyat Pijama B’America, Adam and his wife, Gila, help champion for the education of the Israeli- Jewish community living in America. In a month, the Sifriyat Pijama B’America organization provides over 15,000 books in Hebrew to these communities living in the US. This greatly helps in reducing the illiteracy level and also teaches the Israeli-Jewish society about their culture.