Sentient AI Creates Software for Personalized Merchandizing

Sentient Technologies has been around for a handful years working in the sector of tech solution. The company was created by businessman Mr. Antoine Blondeau who is operating as the chairman of Sentient Technologies. The business is most widely known as Sentient AI as it develops software which based on AI of artificial intelligence.

The main objective of Sentient AI is to create software products that help retail businesses such e-commerce websites to enhance their performance in terms of sales as well as client retention, and so on. The company Sentient AI has put out two software products so far which is called Sentient Aware and Sentient Ascend.

Sentient Aware was the first program that the company released. It is strongly geared towards e-commerce businesses. Sentient Aware works according to the latest change in the consumer behavior. Over the past few years, the world of consumerism has skyrocketed, and buyers are increasingly more critical as well as far less patient, and more tech-savvy. If one retail website does not satisfy them, they have no problem jumping to another one in a matter of seconds. The more consumer behavior changes, the more online retail businesses need to develop the way they operate in order to stay relevant.

When a potential buyer goes to an online store, the first thing they see is the design. After that, the customer notices all of the products that are displayed, and this is where the Sentient Aware comes in. The software’s AI analyzes each individual person visiting the online store. The program compiles data about where the person clicks first, what kind of criteria they respond to, what is their click-through rate, what the pass by, and many other telltale signs about what the person might have a preference to.

Having compiled such information, Sentient Aware creates a unique and customized experience for each individual visitor. The program displays different products to different people depending on what it has gathered about their preferences. Previously, online stores generalized consumers instead. Everyone would see the same products circulating and if something would catch their attention than the store would make additional profit.

Today, things are different. Personalized marketing is everything, and that is a much better and more efficient way to achieve a higher conversion rate and profit. Just about every site relies on personalized merchandising these days which is why AI software is so necessary.