See the Change Malcolm CasSelle Has Brought in the Virtual Market

To succeed in business, excellent management skills and being innovative are key aspects one should have. The ability to collaborate with other professionals with a similar interest in the line of business can help entrepreneurs discover new opportunities in the market. Malcolm CasSelle is a renowned entrepreneur who has utilized these aspects to get to the top of the gaming industry. Malcolm is the CIO of OPSKins and the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Through his leadership, Worldwide Asset eXchange has become a popular platform in the world. The system is known for the creation of in-game virtual exchange supported by OPSkins.

OPSkins have over the years maintained its popularity as a worldwide bitcoin merchant. The company attributes its success to the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle. To boost virtual assets trading, OPSkins needed a reliable system, and this led to the introduction of Worldwide Asset eXchange. The system has the technological capabilities that help it create a platform that enhances easy trading of virtual assets. Centralization of virtual assets enables traders to trade with each other.

The aim of Malcolm is that the system will enhance the proficiency of virtual trading by ensuring enhanced transactions and reduced fraud cases. Insecurity and fraud issues had marred the virtual market in a great way. The system, however, is reputed for creating smart contracts that can reduce transactional intermediaries, making goods delivery secure. Malcolm has assured clients that the technology will ensure safety and efficacy in users operations.

Before being the president of WAX, Malcolm was the Chief Technology Officer and the president of New Venture. He had previously served as the senior vice president and the general manager of SeaChange international. He joined SeaChange in 2015 as a CEO after it acquired TimelineLabs. Malcolm had led several startups in the digital world that include the joint venture with Groupon, MediaPass, and Xfire. According to Malcolm, positive spirit and respect for the body determine how successful you would become in any career. Malcolm CasSelle advises that having a daily routine, morning workouts, enough sleep, and heavy breakfast are important in helping a person perform his duties in the right way.