Clay Siegall Is A Man To Look Up To In An Age Of Ignorance


The dumbing down of America has been really frustrating for me. It seems like we have entered a new space where refuting scientific truths and fake news has taken over. It really seems cool to be ignorant or dumb these days. That’s why we need more people to look up to like Clay Siegall.

At first glance, Clay Siegall seems like the average guy. You can head on over to his blog right now and read all about NFL football. He really likes to focus on player movements during the free agency season. And I would have to agree with him. I love to watch NFL football teams create their rosters for the upcoming seasons in order to compete with the dynasty of the New England Patriots. It is the thinking man’s version of the football game, so it makes total sense that Clay Siegall would be interested in it.

Reporters seem to think that the guy is incredibly smart. All you have to do is read a few quotes from a guy and you’ll see that his language is so carefully crafted that it seems like he had time to prepare for it. But that’s just how smart this guy is. And you can see that in his blog, too, as he posts articles about climate science and the universe. Just like me, he is captivated by the beauty of space. There is a story running on his blog about a star being slowly swallowed by a black hole. I wish I could climb inside one of those NASA telescopes and watch it.

When Clay Siegall puts on a suit and tie to go to work, he really steps up his game. He has taken years of experience as a hands-on scientific researcher of cancer and turned it into a multibillion-dollar business. He cofounded Seattle Genetics and company public in 2001. He took control of the company as CEO and gathered more than $1.2 billion worth of donations for cancer research at the Seattle Genetics laboratory. His rigorous belief in science will hopefully lead us to a variety of cures for cancer.