George Street Photo & Video Welcomes You to New York

Imagine this: You are walking through the hustle and bustle of the busy New York City streets. There is a kaleidoscope of deafening cars honking and Starbucks on every corner. In that moment, as if your life is a new tourist attraction and you are a street performer, you are proposed to by your lover whom was just walking beside you. You ultimately say yes, and it is suddenly a new soundtrack. This is the moment when you are reminiscent of the ever popular George Street Photo & Video wedding photographer and videographer. It all falls into place, like any great love.

If you are not familiar, George Street Photo and Video is a growing photography company based in NYC. It allows for you to capture you and your beau in your wedding attire, or even recreate the scenario explained above. Their prices are unbeatable, especially after possible discounts. Their website includes couples who willingly shared their special moments to give you a look into the quality and aura this brilliant possesses.