GoBuyside Has Streamlined Recruitment and is Getting Qualified Talent into the Right Positions in Record Time

An Executive Search Firm that is changing that has streamlined the recruitment process to be hyper-specialized. Businesses in the finance world can cut the time it takes to hire new talent by using GoBuyside. Based out of New York City, Arjun Kapur the CEO for GoBuyside noticed that there was a trend to decentralize the recruitment process from general recruitment firms to niche style recruitment. Kapur got his MBA from Stanford’s School Of Business and after graduating had immense success in diverse and complex engagements in cities throughout the United States and abroad. He’s applied that knowledge and experience to how he’s running GoBuyside. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at Interview.net.

GoBuyside pays close attention to hiring trends in the finance world and is always a few steps ahead of the competition. According to a statistic, 24% of employed people did some or all of their work remotely in 2015. With more people working away from the traditional office it means that a person’s location no longer has to be incumbent on what companies they are eligible to work for. GoBuyside can gather the most qualified talent from around the world. Something else that is awesome is a new trend in hiring for part-time and project-oriented roles. Applicants have more flexibility to build on their outlying skills and can develop their talents one project at a time.

GoBuysides recruitment model is working and has been so successful in part because they have been able to pull talent that is specifically looking and qualified to work in the finance field. Similarly to how the medical field has hyper-centralized recruitment because someone who has experience teaching doesn’t need to be in the same recruitment pool as a surgeon. It weeds out unnecessary applicants, so Fortune 500 companies save time.

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For-profit companies especially those in the realm of finance operated off of a “time is money” motto. Whatever will save time and increase in revenue is the route investment firms want to take. A successful investment management employee should bring in five times as much as their salary. When a position goes unfilled the company loses money because there is no one there to bringing more revenue, they could lose accounts due to the vacancy, and they spend money and time on recruiting new talent. In a real-life study, a generalized recruitment firm took three times as long and was unsuccessful in hiring someone to manage a hedge fund valuing 2 billion dollars in assets as the specialized investment management recruitment firm.

Arjun Kapur has developed Gobuyside since 2011 to be a worldwide leader in recruitment in finance. The company is now in over 500 cities around the world, it is the largest recruitment firm in the United States, and has more than 100,000 persons. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from John Hopkins University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and then got his Master’s from Stanford. Kapur was ready to take the change the game in world finance and doing just that. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.