Cheek Lift with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Cheek Lift with Dr.Sameer Jejurikar

As we grow older, it is likely that we tend to experience skin drooping, especially in the cheek area. To eliminate this, there is a surgical procedure called as Cheek Lift that would not only take care of it but would also eliminate any sort of wrinkles and sagging skin and give you the look you deserve. If you are someone who does not smoke and are in good physical and mental state of mind, you would be an ideal candidate for cheek lift as per Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. With Dr. J, you could experience a fresh and youthful look.

The cheek lift procedure takes almost 2.5 hours to complete and Dr. J recommends that it is performed under general anesthesia. Repositioning of cheek frame and cheek fat is done by the practitioner which helps in the softening of the smile line. Even though the surgical procedure does not take a long time, post-recovery is one of the most important aspects of this surgery. Most of the patients have temporary difficulties and if taken proper care as prescribed by Dr. J, could heal completely in about a week’s time. Once you are all up and running, you would not be short of compliments on your new fresh look.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. J has extensive knowledge in this space and her performed numerous surgeries. Even though this is not a very popular form of surgery, he strongly recommends that patients at least get an initial consultation to avoid any serious complications in the future. All it takes from your side is a phone call to get started. Alternatively, you could also go online and check for the available appointments to meet Dr. J. One practice that he recommends all his patients to be prepared with is their medical history report in order for him to evaluate your case in a