Chris Burch Describes How Fashion and Technology Co-exist

Despite the amount of innovations that have transformed technology and fashion in the last few decades, a regular person may not initially think that these two industries become the boost that each other needs to soar through the market. However, in one article created by Chris Burch, he gave a detailed outline as to how both trades can co-exist together.



  1. Technology increases the creativity of fashion designers.


The artistic minds behind the newest clothing styles get extra creative with the thought of incorporating the latest technological advancements to their designs. A particular designer named Anouk Wipprecht, a native of the Netherlands, has been quoted in the same literary piece as she mentioned that tech is comparable to a site for experimentation in which one can take advantage of various possibilities later on. Some of the masterpieces that Wipprecht was inspired by technology to make are the self-painting and drink-making dresses known as Pseudomorphs and DareDroid, respectively.



  1. Fashion makes more consumers interested in technology.


It is only now that people are overly excited about the newest smartphone or laptop models, yet they can be skeptical regarding highly advanced tech products because they are unfamiliar to them. An example that Chris Burch provided within the article is the Google Glass. This innovation makes the heads of a lot of geeks turn, but a normal client may not buy the idea since it resembles the prescription glasses that many may not like wearing due to how the society branded it.



Diane Von Furstenberg helped this new technology in being seen in a different – brighter – light when she made the models in one of her fashion shows put on the Google Glass. Their aim is for it to become a trend as well.



  1. Fashion shows the functionality of certain technological creations.


Individuals simply will not wear diverse contraptions to protect their body parts from harm if they do not pass their aesthetic standards. Thus, some innovators have taken it upon themselves to include a bit of fashion to the technology to make it more bankable. For instance, Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt constructed the Airbag for Cyclists to ensure that the bicycle riders will not have their head harmed in case of an accident.



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