Citizen: App of the future

The United States has a new application in development that guarantees to revolutionize and fundamentally change the way that we function within their society.

Citizen App utilize crowd sourced information and content that includes word of mouth and police scanner info in order to keep users of Citizen safe and sound.

Recently the app has been under fire for promoting vigilantes and other unsavory types due to their posting of a thirty-thousand-dollar reward in order to find a man who was wrongly suspected of performing arson in May. The app has rolled out a new feature, called Protect, which can monitor the app’s subscriber base on a person-to-person basis in order to ensure the user’s confidence in their own safety based on their location.

The Citizen App employs individuals who can notify or alert a person’s emergency contacts within the app or even incite an alert via a public incident alert in order to ask for help from other Citizen users within the area and vicinity.

While Citizen does not aim to replace the typical 911 call that you absolutely should place when faced with certain danger, the citizen app still feels that they need to fill a niche market filled with users that need just that extra little edge of security and confidence.

Truth be told, the citizen app has managed to raise over one hundred and thirty million dollars in funding from such venture capital organizations such as Greycroft and even Sequoia Capital, or at least according to the tracker site for start-up companies known as Crunchbase.

When asked, Citizen had declined to deliver a comment on the number of employees or protect agents that they have hired in order to service the markets and communities that they cater towards to. Click here to learn more.


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