Customer Service From Securus Helped Me While I Was in Jail

I just learned the other day that Securus was given a BBB accreditation, and I was not surprised because of how well they worked with me when I was in jail. I know that that might sound strange, but I have been very lucky to work with Securus when I was in jail and talking to family. We had to make sure that we were all able to talk when I was in jail, but there were times in emergencies when I had to call family. Securus did this for me, and they wanted to help me to be sure that I could get calls out to my family.


I had to do this a lot of different times when I was in need, but I was always met by someone from Securus who helps me place the call. That was very good for me, and it helped me because I knew that I had to be sure that I could reach them even at the worst hours. Securus was open to me when I wanted to place these calls, and I knew that I could do better if I just asked to speak to an agent at Securus.


The Securus app has been good to my family because they all had it on their phones to call me. That was nice because we could stay on video and talk as much as we needed. I did this a lot until I got out, and I have told other families to do this because they were not calling before. I just wanted to be sure that I could stay in touch with family, and I am glad that Securus was ready to help me even when it was not very convenient. Communication helped me get through my prison sentence with Securus.