Desiree Perez Declares Megan Thee Stallion Scholarship Rendering Chances at Roc Nation College of Music

Megan Thee Stallion is a music superstar who is offering scholarships to qualified students to have experience at Roc Nation Department of Entertainment, Sports, and Music. This move becomes the nascent school’s latest news that has triggered a Roc Nation- Liu Brooklyn partnership, whereby Desiree Perez is the CEO. The scholarship declaration offers innovative humanitarian support for the institution Desiree Perez had a hand in creating during the Long Island University times. The classes are scheduled to start this fall. The superstar performer will lecture the program and also render financial support for one learner until he or she finishes the four years.

Therefore, learners interested in the scholarship are supposed to offer music examples and even the reasons why they qualify. The rapper said she was offering the scholarship to avail the educational opportunities to talented students without the relevant financial muscles to join college. Desiree Perez has upheld a theme of spotting talent and offering them opportunities, thereby advancing the school tremendously. Megan Stallion will grace the Speakers Series event being the guest lecturer, and she is also a student finalizing her healthcare administration course at Texas University.

Inclusivity, opportunity, and equity guide Roc Nation, and the initial announcement regarding the department’s creation, Desiree claimed that a good number of freshmen could get the scholarship. The recipients will leave the school without debts, and they will be chosen from top performers across New York. Desiree Perez highlighted the creation as an essential investment for the students. Roc Nation will offer undergraduate programs in sports management, music, entrepreneurship, production, and music technology. The students will enjoy lectures from the guest and even get internships in the relevant industries, therefore, gaining experience. Roc Nation is also starting a summer for the best students aged between 10 to 18 years.