Dictators Of All Political Persuassions Targeted By Thor Halvorssen

There is a general feeling in the human rights activism community that governments with a socialist leaning should not be criticized for their human rights violations because they share a political ideology with the majority of activists.

Things have changed in recent years with the arrival of activists like Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation who does not feel any human rights violator should be given a free pass when it comes to their actions being discussed in the press and among activist groups.

Thor Halvorssen has looked to develop a system for raising awareness of all human rights violations, no matter where they occur or under the orders of which political leader. A good example of the work of Thor Halvorssen is his criticism and activities based around bringing attention to the people who survived the last great famine in North Korea, and still have problems getting the food they need to survive.

Thor Halvorssen is willing to use his high profile to shed light on human rights abuses taking place under socialist governments, including that of his native Venezuela and in Cuba where the majority of his contemporaries will not discuss the problems facing the people of these countries.

Thor Halvorssen has raised his own profile through his work as a documentary film producer, and looks set to bring even more success to his job as a producer with a role working alongside acclaimed director Bryan singer. Halvorssen has been reported in the U.S. to be working to bring the science fiction novel “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” to the big screen alongside Singer and a number of respected Hollywood insiders.

The work Thor Halvorssen completes as a film producer are in sharp contrast to his work as a human rights activist, which has seen him become a respected figure lecturing widely on subjects including human trafficking and slavery; among the locations and organizations Halvorssen has lectured in and for are the British Houses of Parliament, and the Harvard Law School.