Dr. Alddo Molinar: Board Certified Anesthesiologist with over 25 Years of Experience

Focusing on a holistic approach to medicine, the doctor has strived to use his strengths and knowledge to promote health. His interest in alternative medicine began to develop as he sought to solve the growing problem of prescription drug abuse in his community. He is among the few Ohio doctors who can offer patients referrals to therapy programs that will assist them in overcoming addiction. Additionally, Dr. Alddo Molinar works to provide an alternative to opioid pain medication by prescribing patients Suboxone, a drug that is an alternative to opioids. The doctor can implement the perspective he gained from his time spent at the Cleveland Clinic through his employment. 


His peers describe him as a leader who is always encouraging, supportive, and gives clear instructions. Molinar took on the position of the senior anesthesiologist at the East Ohio Regional Hospital in Wheeling, WV. He is currently in attendance at the Ohio Valley Medical Center, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Alddo Molinar’s job was to operate on the heart, lungs, liver, and many other vital organs and repair the body when necessary. He operated on his first patient at the age of 21 and has maintained this commitment ever since. 


Alddo Molinar and the Ohio Valley Medical Center


Over the years, he has performed over 200 critical-care surgeries, including three open-heart surgeries. According to Molinar, this commitment is an unbreakable bond between doctor and patient.


  1. Alddo Molinar is active in the community and a mentor to new physicians. He currently serves as the founding president of the United States Spinal Injuries Association Chapter in Cincinnati and the founding president of the Ohio Spine and Joint Society in Ashland. Dr. Molinar is involved in numerous patient advocacy organizations such as Medical Mutual’s Ten Million Steps and the Anesthesiology PSA.

Alddo Molinar also actively volunteers as the medical director for a Cincinnati-based medical services company. It provides durable medical equipment and supplies to military hospitals across the country. This dedication and desire to better those he serves to drive his career and the profession. His speech titled “Aspire, Inspire, Achieve” focused on the 2016 Smiles for Life luncheon, a benefit for Columbus’ Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.

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