Edgard Corona Has Received Several Awards

Edgard Corona is a fitness entrepreneur who has created two successful companies, BioRitmo and Smart-Fit. Corona’s passion for fitness began when he was a teenager. He was always active, playing soccer and tennis, but it wasn’t until he took a class on aerobics that he really fell in love with working out.

After college, Corona worked as a personal trainer and then eventually opened his own fitness studio, BioRitmo. SmartFit, which is an online fitness platform, followed soon after. In addition to his work in the fitness industry, Corona is also an angel investor and has invested in several startups. He currently resides in Miami with his wife and two young children.

Edgard Corona has received several awards for his work in the fitness industry. In 2017, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He has also been featured in Forbes, Inc., and Fast Company. Corona’s goal is to help people live healthier lives through his companies’ products and services. With Bio Ritmo and SmartFit, he is well on his way to achieving this goal. Thanks for reading!

According to a recent study, only 22% of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise each week. This is a problem that Edgard Corona is passionate about solving. Through his companies, BioRitmo and SmartFit, he is making it easier for people to get the exercise they need.

With products and services that are convenient and affordable, Corona is helping people live healthier lives. Also, as an angel investor, he is investing in other startups that are working to improve the health and wellness of people around the world.

Being successful is not an easy task, but Corona is proof that it is possible to achieve your goals if you are passionate and dedicated. Many people give up on their dreams, but Corona has persevered and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work. Refer to this page for additional information.