Edgard Corona, The SmartFit Founder Vows To Stay Put Amid Stiff Competition

For entrepreneurs from a country like Brazil that had dominated the news in the world over for different reasons, it is a plus. Edgard Corona, or simply Edgar as many prefer to call him, it is indeed against the will and the notion of many people not just in Brazil but also in the entire Latin America region. In recent years, Edgard Corona who has been seen to change his business approach has made several announcements.

These announcements do not come as a surprise to those who know Edgar in person. The Bio Ritmo commander is not only optimistic but also a resilient individual. Once he starts something, he doesn’t stop until he transforms it into a big brand.

Perhaps, that is the reason why Mr. Corona has been regarded one of the most successful Brazilians in recent days. To those that know the SmartFit founder, his success did not start today. In fact, Edgard Corona started his fashion and personal fitness business when many Brazilians were focusing on other things.

For instance, in a bid to expand his business empire, Edgard Corona said that SmartFit has acquired Inversiones O Dos, a fit gym firm based in Chile. This acquisition did not come as a surprise to Corona’s allies. The man is so strategic to the point that any investor who has plans to purchase a firm that Edgar has an interest in surrenders without a second thought. Thanks to increased backing, SmartFit has now expanded its presence in Latin America.

Today, more than 30 years starting Bio Ritmo, SmartFit has grown to have over 480 gyms. These gyms are now spread across some of the countries in Latin and Central America including Peru, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. In 2017, a time Edgar announced that he was planning to acquire the Chilean gym company, SmartFit had recorded revenue worth R$1 billion.

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